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Apr 11, 2008 10:34 AM


so what's everyone eating tonight?
going out?
staying in?
my boyfriend & i are trying to decide where to go tonight.
(maybe i should post this in the boston board for ideas)

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  1. I just put a pot of ham and bean soup of the back burner for tonight...

    1. Leftovers from last night's outing. However, tomorrow, I'm making fig and cheese calzones and Sunday a friend and I are getting together to make jiaozi!

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      1. re: anzu

        Fig and cheese calzones -- that sounds really good! Also sounds like you''re in dumpling mode.

        After reading currymouth's post on soft shelled crabs, I wanted to make some tonight. But as I'm not feeling particularly hungry today, I think my dinner will be some pineapple. As I'll get home late tonight, DH will have to make his own dinner tonight -- probably some frozen ravioli and vegetables.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          Heh heh. Someone sent me this article yesterday:
          I have no will-power and all of those ingredients except the dried figs which I got last night, and the grappa, which I should actually post on CH and ask what to use as a substitute. . . so I'll probably make these this weekend.

          As for the gyoza, I like to keep these in my freezer for emergency meals, and we all ran out at the same time, so it's time to make more. :)

          1. re: Miss Needle

            that DOES soung good....
            what kind of sauce would you use?
            plain marinara? or is there a special sauce that would complement it better?

          2. re: anzu

            what's jiaozi?
            i suppose i can google it, but...

            1. re: daylight

              Actually, I hadn't thought about the sauce. . . I don't usu. eat my calzones w/ sauce. I think b/c of the fig and gruyere cheese combo, the marinara might overpower it. I'd probably eat it plain and pick up one of those bottles of wine they suggest pairing it with.

              Jiaozi is the Chinese word for dumplings.

          3. Leftovers! I grilled a gorgeous rib steak last night - and due to becoming a CH addict, I pulled it at rare instead of going to medium rare. OMG it was good! I only managed to eat half because my sides were so good - yukon golds roasted with rosemary & garlic, and green beans with almonds. The green beans were frozen but still very tasty.

            1. Allstonian and I have eaten out the last two nights in a row, which is very atypical for us, so tonight we're doing up a big ol' Greek salad and some pitas.

              1. in boston too and due to the rainy weather, friends and i decided to cook dinner at my apt...have a pork loin in the oven right now and a bottle of wine opened :-)