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Apr 11, 2008 09:53 AM

04/08 Addictive Cookies: Torta de Aceite

Have you discovered these yet? They are sold at Formaggio in 3 versions and Savenor's in one. If I close my eyes, I'm tasting a perfect Palmier at Le Notre in Paris (that's had lovely piquant anise added). When I open my eyes, however, I am eating a flat 6" disc of flaky sweet crunch.Made in Spain by Matiz, they are individually wrapped in wax paper in packages of 6 . After trying the Almond ones, I prefer the Sugared. Now THIS is a perfect product.Just sweet enough. And if you used to get your anise kick from pizzelles, you may never have them again after you've eaten one of these!

BTW, whole foods sells a less expensive version but they are NOT as good as the Matiz.
I tried.

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  1. Actually, having had both, I like the Ines Rosales (the 'inexpensive version') a lot better. The Matiz have a little too much oil for my taste, and they often have burnt spots. I like the artisinal look, but sometimes, it's just too charred...

    Matiz used to hav a savory version as well,but I heard they were having problems with quiality, so I never tasted it...I buy the Ines Rosales all the time...Try using them as a scoop for sweetened, whipped creme fraiche or mascarpone; kind of a sweet take on chips and dip....

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        I do my best...;)
        With the mascarpone, it's kind of like a one-bite calzone....

    1. Oh, yeah! I've also seen them at Whole Foods, as well as the Syrian Grocer right next to Formaggio in the South End.

      Not being a big 'sweet' person, I like serving the non-sugared version with cheeses like a crumbled Blue, or even shaved Parm... yum.

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        I saw these for the first time about 2 years ago at the Syrian Grocer. I asked what they tasted like, and Ramon gave me a description that left no doubts...

        He didnt say they're extremely addictive. I think they are - I prefer the anis flavored tortas as cookies or a toast substitute. They also last forever, far longer than any crackers, without 'going stale.' Odd.

      2. Interestingly the name means "Oil Cake".

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          Yes, they're a traditional Spanish cracker made with olive oil as the shortening, topped with sugar, instead of salt, for the sett twist....

        2. i've just discovered this neat vendor website and page about the making of these tortas.

          1. Capone Foods carries them as well at their store on Mass Ave in North Cambridge. Not sure if they have them at their Somerville store.

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            1. re: Parsnipity

              pars- are you sure they carry the Matiz brand? I thought I saw the other brand there (that I don't care for.)