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Where to go for Sushi?

We have a friend in town for the weekend and want to go out for Sushi. We have no car so it definitely has to be Cambridge or Boston. Our spending limits are about $50 to $60 per person (this includes tax, tip and drinks). I have wanted to try O Ya and Oishii but I am worried that we won't be able to have a decent sizes meal for what we can spend. So, the question is, where in Cambridge or Boston can we get good Sushi at a price point of about $50 per person?

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  1. Douzo in the Back Bay is my favorite in Boston and at that price point.

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      ditto Douzo for me, but the last time we went there, the sushi slices were smaller than usual and the bento box was as well :-P

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        Agree with Douzo, but it we are typically north of $60/pp eating mostly sashimi and maki plus some beers and sake. I would say our bill averages $75-80/pp, however you could definitely do it cheaper if you are careful (i.e. avoid the torch toto maki!).

        1. I like Fugakyu in Coolidge Corner (not technically in Boston or Cambridge, but right off the C Line and only maybe 1 mi from Kenmore). If you don't order more than one cocktail, you should be within your $50-$60/pp budget counting tax and tip. They've never disappointed me in terms of the quality of the fish, and it's a big place with a fun atmosphere.

          The last time I went to Oishii, I spent $50 for myself counting tax and tip, but I didn't have any alcohol. I had maybe 2 or 3 maki. You might be able to do it if you order carefully...

          If you are near Harvard Sq, you could try Takemura. I only went once for lunch and although the quality of the fish could have been better, a meal there would be comfortably within your price range and I got really great and friendly service at the sushi bar.

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            I also like Takemura for sushi on a budget. I've had great service at the sushi bar and am typically fairly happy there for lunch or dinner.

            O Ya you would leave starving, unfortunately.

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              Oishii has a fixed-price lunch (I think it was about $35 without drinks) that was a decent amount of really great food. If each of you got a maki, it would certainly be plenty of food, with enough money for a beer,too!

            2. Seiyo! Affordable.

              1721 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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                is seiyo good?
                i always saw people in there, but we never ate there.
                we used to go in there to get our booze...
                but i haven't heard much about whether it's actually good or not...

              2. I'll 2nd Fugakyu in Coolidge Corner, though with drinks $50 may be the bottom of the range you can spend. I don't drink and can easily spend $50 bucks there with their vast menu. The atmosphere can be very noisy though and isn't suitable for a quiet dinner. I'll add Sakura Bana in Financial District for good sushi and great noodles (udon and soba) and a more mellow atmosphere.

                1. You could take the 77 bus into Arlington and go to Toraya. Small place, but good, and a lower tab than O Ya or Oishii.

                  1. i would have to say Fugakyu is a great place to go. You could take the orange line to Yoki in Medford. Yoki is in the Arbor Point complex. Amazingly fresh, innovative, and tasty sushi. But if you can't make it there then Fugakyu is just as great.

                    1. Porter Exchange has a sushi bar. It's kind of food court with all different japanese places. I sit at the sushi bar (no atmosphere and you just can't dwell on the area) and order the BEST spicy crunchy rolls! $4 each! Like I said, not much for surroundings but the fish is very good and the price is amazing!

                      I love sushi and I just think this place is great. I've never had any problems.

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                        For inexpensive but excellet sushi, try sakurabana on broad street. it's packed during the day, line out the door, with all the business folks, but it's leisurely and nice in the evening.

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                          Second (or third) Sakurabana for dinner. I ate there last week and had plenty of food for about $35 pp with tax and tip (some nigiri, sashimi, maki, soup, a couple beers). More importantly, it was delicious.

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                          I've enjoyed eating at Blue Fin in Porter Exchange, and it seems to have a decent crowd, many of which are Japanese, so in my U.S.-centric mindset, that gives it some cred. Blue Fin is the restaurant in the building, which is NOT the sushi bar in the food court. I've eaten there as well, and my tuna was starting to break at seams, so it didn't quite pass the "really fresh" test.

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                            Bluefin is very good, often excellent. The only good option in Cambridge, imo. Make a point to order at least some stuff off the specials menu.