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Apr 11, 2008 09:44 AM

Casual dining between Frederick, MD and I-95?

We're going to be passing through Frederick, MD tomorrow, heading back to PA from Harper's Ferry, and we'll be looking for a place to have a fairly early dinner. From reading posts here, I know about Monocacy Crossing and the Tasting Room, but we won't be dressed for fine dining, so I'm hoping to find a more casual place. Are there any recommendations not too far off the highways? Thanks.

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  1. Don't think Crossing is dressy.
    FWIW, I like Isabella's in downtown Frederick for tapas.

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      I don't eat out up in Frederick often, but Isabella's is pretty good. Food is on par if not a little better than Jaleo, and cheaper. The wine list has some great deals, and is extremely affordibly priced.

      My favorite are the chorizo-stuffed-bacon-wrapped dates with a goat cheese sauce. I've always dressed pretty casually there and fit in fine.

      1. re: reiflame

        reiflame, I agree 100%. In fcat I think that Isabella's is better than Jaleo, in every way. They also have a great happy hour.
        Not a big fan of Brewers Alley, except for their draft beers.

      2. re: foodcheck

        I guess I just assumed it was dressy, based on the prices on their dinner menu. Thanks for the clarification.

      3. Brewer's Alley,, is casual and decent. There is a very casual place called That Cuban Place, also on Market Street is supposed to be good. If you have time check out the website

        1. I second Brewers alley. If you have jeans you will fit right in. Can get a little crowded, but if you won't have reservations you probably will have a better chance of getting in than at Isabellas. If you can make reservations, do it. That cuban place is not really a restaurant - it is more a take out and very sparse dining area. Since you will be probably going on 15, even though it is a chain, Bonefish grill is not bad, and if you call ahead (their definition of "reservations") , they will move you up to the head of the line when you arrive. Their Lemon Drop Martini is wonderful, the Salmon with Mango salsa is great, and they have a tasty appetizer of seared tuna with several sauces. It's right off 15 at the Ft. Detrick Exit/7th street Exit.

          1. Monocacy Crossing is the kind of place where one can feel comfortable dressed up or down. It's a great special occasion place but also a very easy going every day place. The servers are all dressed casually and the patrons are in all manner of dress. You would do fine there dressed casually.

            1. I've heard some people think it's inconsistent, but as a casual place I like Barley and Hops which is on MD355 on the south side of I-70 across from the Francis Scott Key Mall. It's been solid for me and the beer's good.

              Otherwise I had a decent pizza at Brewer's Alley downtown. There's also a Bombay Peacock Grill across from there but I don't eat Indian food that often.