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Apr 11, 2008 09:16 AM

Where do i buy Aji(peruvian chili pepper)?

any ideas? is there a "peruvian" market in LA?

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    1. Aji peppers have a very distinct flavor. I don't think you can adequately substitute other peppers for them. I have never found them fresh here in L.A. But I have found them canned and pickled in jars, as well as aji sauce in bottles, at a number of different Latino markets around town. There is usually a big selection at the very large supermarket on Atlantic Blvd. south of the 60 Fwy, but I've seen them in lots of places. I'm partial to the brand - Amazonas - which you can also find online if you need to.

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        Also check the freezer section of markets...I've seen whole orange and red Peruvian peppers there (Amazonas brand IIRC) .

    2. If you only need it one time I wonder if Pollo ala Brassa would part with a quantity of it for not too much money? Corner of 8th and Western in K-town.

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        They do sell little containers of their sauce for 50 cents, but I think you can do better with making your own from the canned or bottled peppers. I even like the bottled sauce better than their's.

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        1. I don't think fresh aji exists in L.A....I don't even think most the local peruvian restaurants use fresh aji. At least, it doesn't taste like it to me and my (Peruvian) husband.

          1. Catalina market, on Western Ave just south of Santa Monica Blvd, has a good selection of jarred peruvian imports - various Andean tubers, huacatay, different ajis, chicha morada...

            there are so many peruvian restaurants, I bet someone at one of them could let you know if they are available, and then you could let us know.