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Apr 11, 2008 09:03 AM

Lunch near Citrus Heights

I don't know Sacramento very well, just that it seems very BIG when driving through on 5/80.

We will be travelling to Citrus Heights in early May to visit a young relative and would like to find a healthy but chowish cafe or spot within 15 or 20 minutes to take her for lunch. She eats chicken and fish but not much red meat. Loves her veggies, and lots of conversation.

Can Sacto area Hounds give us some reccomendations? Bonus points for nice location/ambiance. We see so little of her, we'd like it to be special. Doesn't have to be formal, but not too divey.

Thank you!

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  1. You can go east on Madison or Greenback, depends on where you are, down to Folsom to Karen's Bakery. It is very casual and healthy. Their lunch is wonderful.

    1. Wow, right dead in the middle of the gastronomic wasteland of the Sacramento Area....Okay, I will take you out from Sylvan Corners (the center of CH) for some good (okay, decent) options.

      Wonderful Chinese. Pretty good chinese food. Lots of veggie,seafood (shrimp and crab mostly) options. Nothing like a truly chowish places but chinese better than most. Sylvan Corners Auburn and Old Auburn and Sylvan.

      Leatherby's Ice Cream Parlor. Decent food, burgers and sandwiches. I have no idea about their menu offereing any veggie only options but I imagine they have something like chicken strips or burger. But really it is an old school ice cream parlor. They make their own and is the reason people go here. Antelope and Sunrise.

      Then there is the mall area. Sunrise, Greenback and Madison. Got em all here, Red Lobster and the rest of the chains. But not every place is a chain.

      There is a pretty decent sushi place on Greenback between Fair Oaks and Sunrise on Greenback.

      An even better Japanese,sushi place is on Fair Oaks Blvd. and Madison Avenue in the Almond Orchard Center. Really nice interior. Really good food too. The name, as it is with most sushi places, escapes me.

      Fins, Madison and Kenneth. More in Fair Oaks. Seafood. fresh. Not too adventurous with the recipes (think east coast chowdah house) but pretty damn good. Also a coupon in today's Sacramento Bee.

      Slocum House. Fair Oaks Village (Sunrise and Fair Oaks). best patio around.
      Top flight all the way. White table cloth, chickens. Fine dining with chickens. Great food.

      Then there is the Folsom option. Karen's is a good choice. Scotts Seafood is another (Greenback and madison) Beautiful view. Excellent food. Do search for Folsom and there are tons of reccos on a couple of threads.

      One thing for sure. Do not eat at the Western Coffee Pot. Auburn between Van Maren and Greenback.

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      1. re: bennyboy1

        wow. them's some options. thank you. So Folsum is close enough?Seems to me I've read some discussion of good things there.

        1. re: toodie jane

          Yeah Folsom is within fifteen minutes or less of Citrus Heights.

        2. re: bennyboy1

          I think the name of the Japanese restaurant you're referring to is Mikuni's ?

          1. re: jrmint

            No not Mikuni. Although Mikuni is a great place and not far from Citrus Heights.

            1. re: PeterL

              It is Taka at Fair Oaks and Madison.....Blue Nami (which is excellent BTW) is at Hazel and Greenback. And also is close to Citrus Heights.