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Apr 11, 2008 08:05 AM

Brunch in East Village

Any recommendations?

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  1. There are TONS of brunch options in the East Village - do a search of this board. It's been discussed many times.

    My favorites are: E.U., Grape & Grain, Le Gamin. Tree and Prune are also highly recommended.

    1. Brunching in the EV and LES:

      EV: 9th St Market, Prune, Tasting Room (not EV but very close if you live by Houston/Bowery edge), The Smith, Westville East, 5 Points, Belcourt, EU (really nice, big room, try the waffles), Caffe Emilia (mostly egg stuff and panini, like Taralluci e Vino or 'ino/'inoteca, but done very well), Cafe Mogador (some middle eastern dishes), Cafe Orlin (cheap, tasty), Veselka (good, cheap, crowded), La Palapa (inexpensive pre fixe), Grape and Grain (on my list to try), Stage Restaurant (old school diner style), B&H Dairy Vegetarian Restaurant (same), Tree (on my list to try), Back Forty (just opened, on my list to try, haven't heard anything about brunch yet).

      My favorites are Five Points, Tasting Room, and Prune. I did like the EU when I tried it but have only been once, same for The Smith.

      Best brunches in town:

      1. 9th St. Market, Cafe Orlin, Cafe Mogador, Prune, Five Points are some of my favorites. I'd like to try The Smith next--I've only been for dinner so far.