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Apr 11, 2008 08:05 AM

two nights in NO - locals only

My husband and I are planning a weekend in New Orleans - a first time for both of us. I would love to hear some food recs for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We don't want celebrity chefs or tourist traps, just good neighborhood locals joints. We are staying in the French Quarter.

Fire away!

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  1. I say Cafe Du Monde for breakfast, Napoleon House (muff and meatball poboy) for lunch, French 75 at Arnaud's for cocktails, and GW Fins ( get the lobster dumplings) for dinner. New Orleans is wonderful - you'll have a great time!

    1. I would second the lobster dumplings and just about anything else at GW Fins. I also think they have a killer bread pudding. I would add in the barbeque oysters at Red Fish Grill for a dinner appetizer. They also have a molton double chocolate bread pudding that they douse in melted chocolate right tableside. For lunch try Johnny's Po Boy - hole in the wall but crowded beyond capacity...they serve lunch hours only. You can split the crab cake po boy and still be full. Think they close around 3pm. For Breakfast try Mother's. They have a "garbage" omellete that my friends RAVE about. Last, ice coffee and biegnets at Cafe Du Monde!

      1. I forgot the grilled oysters at Drago's. Last time I was in NOLA, they were building a Drago's in the quarter. The original is a few miles away by cab. ACME's grilled oysters are good too...however the rest of their food is simply fried...nothing spectacular.

        1. I'm a local and I concur with Glob Trotter. GW Fins is very good. Drago's has no atmosphere. Very hotel like.

          A couple of good restaurants that my wife and I really like to give you the true New Orleans experience. Orleans Grapevine quarter, Dick and Jenny's uptown, Jacques-Imo's uptown, Court Of Two Sisters (quarter brunch), Mena's (lunch Quarter). More upscale Antoine's is my favorite of the classics. Arnoud's is good also. Brennan's nope! A really cool spot for wine and food is a place called Bacchanal's. It's VERY local. Cuvee is expensive but insanely good. There are a million others. Cafe Giovanni, Stella, Bayona. Port of Call is the best Burger spot in the world period. Marigny Bisto. That should keep you very well fed.

          1. GW Fins is a fine restaurant, but I would not recommend it to first timers who only have a weekend in the city. There are far too many other great places that smack of New Orleans in a way that Fins does not, such as Brigtsen's, Bayona, Dick & Jenny's, etc.