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Apr 11, 2008 08:02 AM

Whats for Breakfast?

I had a can of garlic and hot pepper flavored tuna, a handful of almonds, some leftover bacon, jerk chicken and a can of chef boyardee's four cheese ravioli in meat sauce! Also a hotchocolate mixed with coffee and a large glass of water!

What did you have for breakfast? Cookiepants needs to know!

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  1. Not a very wholesome one today. It consisted of Peaches N' Cream instant oatmeal, orange Crystal Light, and a Vemma. I made my hubby a super healthy strawberry smoothie though, so maybe my brekkie was healthy by association?

    1. A large quadruple shot non-fat latte from the independent coffee shop I go to every morning. I usually get regular coffee, black, and then have breakfast at the office, but it was "Latte Friday" so I had a latte and that was my breakfast as well.

      1. A small serving of brie with herbs, cardamom-rosewater panna cotta and 2 cups of coffee.

        1. Breakfast today consisted of the last homemade cinnamon raisin granola bar, a bowl of papaya and grapes, a slice of medium cheddar cheese (my attempt at getting some protein) and an Americano. :)

          1. 2 cans of Coke.

            Lunch however will be an Italian Beef and Italian sausage combo w/ hot peppers paired with an order of french fries.

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              Your posts always leave me drooling. That sounds like an amazingly delicious lunch!

              1. re: Catskillgirl

                thanks, it was good as always. I had to make up for the dreadfull breakfast. ;-)