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Whats for Breakfast?

I had a can of garlic and hot pepper flavored tuna, a handful of almonds, some leftover bacon, jerk chicken and a can of chef boyardee's four cheese ravioli in meat sauce! Also a hotchocolate mixed with coffee and a large glass of water!

What did you have for breakfast? Cookiepants needs to know!

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  1. Not a very wholesome one today. It consisted of Peaches N' Cream instant oatmeal, orange Crystal Light, and a Vemma. I made my hubby a super healthy strawberry smoothie though, so maybe my brekkie was healthy by association?

    1. A large quadruple shot non-fat latte from the independent coffee shop I go to every morning. I usually get regular coffee, black, and then have breakfast at the office, but it was "Latte Friday" so I had a latte and that was my breakfast as well.

      1. A small serving of brie with herbs, cardamom-rosewater panna cotta and 2 cups of coffee.

        1. Breakfast today consisted of the last homemade cinnamon raisin granola bar, a bowl of papaya and grapes, a slice of medium cheddar cheese (my attempt at getting some protein) and an Americano. :)

          1. 2 cans of Coke.

            Lunch however will be an Italian Beef and Italian sausage combo w/ hot peppers paired with an order of french fries.

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              Your posts always leave me drooling. That sounds like an amazingly delicious lunch!

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                thanks, it was good as always. I had to make up for the dreadfull breakfast. ;-)

            2. I had a sandwich. But on the weekends, this is amazing

              I didn't ever like scrambled eggs before, but those are delicious

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                Is that sour cream he adds after they're cooked? (I don't use the audio at work, lol!) That looks really good. Mushrooms and eggs - a match made in heaven!

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                  I just watched it....he said creme fraiche towards the end. Looks good !

              2. cafe au lait, raw carrots, sliver of local smoked gouda.

                1. A croissant, plain yogurt with fresh strawberriess, and tea. This is actually a departure for me -- I usually have cottage cheese or chicken apple sausages and a couple of slices of whole wheat toast with butter. And tea.

                  1. Back home after house-sitting for the in-laws (and a whole week of various oatmeal breakfasts). Glorified cereal: Trader Joe's high-fiber cereal with kefir, strawberries, mangoes and kiwi, Grand Marnier and orange rind. Black tea, then coffee.

                    1. Sesame bagel with sweet butter and a cup of Earl Grey, followed by a small Granny Smith apple. Simple and delicious!

                      1. almond granola with Ronnybrook whole milk (mmmm) and half a grapefruit. oh, and about nine M&Ms. for antioxidant value, of course.

                        1. Strawberries and tangerine blended with ice cubes. A bowl of soup consisting of homemade chicken/beef stock, a large handful of bean sprouts, thin sliced onion, cubed tofu, and topped with torn cilantro- lots of black pepper and red pepper flakes plus a dash of fish sauce.

                          1. Jasmine tea while getting ready for work
                            2 slices of jalapeno cheese while driving to work - no muss, no fuss

                            Later a handful of peanuts when my fingers started looking good...
                            mmmm... Ladyfingers....

                            1. Cold, dark chicken meat with fresh bread and butter, coffee.

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                              1. Homemade yogurt with homemade meyer lemon marmalade and half a cinnamon roll (the featherpuff bread from Laurel's Bread Book. I love that recipe b/c it packs protein.) :) That's when I can get my act together on the weekends. But last week, it was cereal (no milk) all week.

                                1. A big ladle of chili over hashbrowns..topped with a poached egg.

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                                  1. Egg white omelette filled with roasted ratatouille and some Comte gruyere, coffee with half and half.

                                    1. Two very thin slices of ribeye (cut from a five pound vacuum packed slab), grilled, on a crusty kaiser with HP sauce. I liked it so much, I had it again for lunch.

                                      And Saturday? I'm making a Reuben with homemade Russian dressing, and Dunn's smoked meat (now available in Toronto thanks to Costco).

                                      1. Instead of the normal week day fruit and yogurt, ham & eggs and bagels. Sat morn. asperagus omelettes.

                                        1. I made crêpes - hint, make the batter ahead of time for the gluten to form. Mixture of organic wheat flour and buckwheat flour. Had with some cheese and mushrooms - ideally, I'd have goat's milk ricotta inside, but was out of it. Crêpes are easy to make once you get the hang of them.

                                          And espresso. A little later I'll eat a pear.

                                          1. Just now Blueberries N' Cream Oatmeal with a handul of blueberries thrown in. At 2am when I got home from the casinos it was non-fat fro-yo eaten straight out of the container. Note to self, must have wholesome breakfast tomorrow.

                                              1. a bowl of cinnamon life and mtn. dew. Lunch will be a bowl of leftover chili with ceddar cheese and sour cream. Not sure about dinner yet.

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                                                  Blueberry buttermilk muffins with the wild blueberries from TJs. The best part? The fresh butter from the farmer's market tucked inside the hot muffins. That, and milky sweet strong coffee.

                                                2. Green tea with vanilla soymilk, a soft-boiled egg, and a few Medjool dates stuffed with roasted salted almonds. Delicious

                                                  1. Usually it would be black coffee and a veggie scramble with 2 eggs, red onion, spinach, bell pepper and zucchini, with a slice or 2 of whole grain Alvarado Street Bakery toast...but today, it was so lovely out that I had to meet up with some friends at the St. Francis Fountain. I had the "No-Huevos Rancheros," which comes with everything but subs tofu for the eggs - fresh, tasty, and washed down with a bougainvillea, their special mimosa with cranberry, orange, and champagne.

                                                    1. I usually do a big bowl of oatmeal with dried cranberries and plain soy milk.

                                                      But, after a very late Friday night, this morning (okay, early afternoon) I made the Spanglish sandwich: bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, multigrain ciabatta, a tiny bit of mayo, tomato slices, butter lettuce, butter, overeasy egg. Yum.

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                                                        Weekdays it's a peanut butter and english muffin sandwich in my car on the way to work, plus about a gallon of coffee. Weekends usually a swiss cheese omelet on Sat. and since DH brought home another "take up space in my miniscule kitchen" item---this time a waffle maker---it's been waffles and sausage on Sundays. He cooks them....proving a point about how useful this particular item is, I suppose :)

                                                      2. Whole grain toast, three huge mugs of Tetley with milk (and a spoonful of Benefiber in the first one) and the dregs of a 2-liter Diet Coke with Lime.

                                                        Went out for eggs and hash later!

                                                        1. $1.99 breakfast special at Ikea. Scrambled eggs, 4 strips of the thinnest bacon I have ever seen, home fries{very small french fries} 3 fingers of French toast,coffee and a tiny orange juice. But still a deal while looking at flights leaving Newark Airport.

                                                          1. A big pot of darjeeling tea and rye toast with plenty of butter and vegemite

                                                            1. Very wierd. I only eat canned ravioli about once a year, and lo and behold, I had a hankering for it this morning at breakfast!!!

                                                              1. the last two mornings, i've had cheese grits with fried eggs on top, then that topped with b&g brand "toppers" hot chopped peppers. mighty fine! (i really like the b&g pickles, sandwich "toppers", peppers, condiment lines). ** http://www.bgfoods.com/bgcondiments/b...

                                                                juice was indian river reserve ruby red grapefruit juice with pomegranate.
                                                                ps, the hot cherry peppers (whole) are killer when cooked with chunks of italian sausage in a marinara sauce with rigatoni. whew, thatsa some-a spicy pasta!
                                                                tip: just use the cherry peppers; they're hot enough themselves (i.e., don't use the ones labeled "hot" --- unless you don't mind if your mouth, lips, tongue get "burned").

                                                                1. I was feeling especially hungry this morning. I made an egg sandwich on a toasted english muffin with two thin slices of grilled black forest ham, some melted aged cheddar cheese and sliced roma tomato, washed down with fresh squeezed orange juice and a mug of earl grey tea with a bit of honey. Ahh, blessed food coma!

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                                                                    Whatever I get my hands on plus a Coke or two..

                                                                  2. Diet Coke; black coffee; chicken salad w/crackers; 2 slices cheese

                                                                    1. I had lamb curry with rice leftovers at 4 a.m. this morning. Then a giant coffee. While I was waiting for the microwave to cook my curry I ate a handful of toasted coconut and dipped my finger into the peanut butter jar.

                                                                      O I N K !!!!!

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                                                                        4 a.m. primetime for law & order, criminal intent, and my guy goren! ;-). <usa network, but you knew that! > good time for breakfast! leftovers are always welcome. esp. pizza.

                                                                      2. Toasted bread with red pepper hummus, cucumbers and feta, and some pickled kohlrabi. And coffee, creamed and sugared. Tasted like more!


                                                                          1. 1. Are you pregnant?
                                                                            2. If you say no, because you're a guy, are you SURE?
                                                                            3. I just had a black sesame mochi pan, which is like a terrific chewy and dense yet airy dinner roll flecked throughout with black sesame seeds. But that doesn't do it justice. And a latte, and a Diet Coke, and chagrin for the hour.

                                                                            1. Homemade apple pie, warm, with sharp cheddar cheese melted on top, and a red eye.

                                                                              I'm not a morning person, so just about whatever someone else makes for me (except breakfast sausage) is fine with me, as long as there's also strong coffee.

                                                                              1. Today I had a turkey burger (I pre-fry patties of ground turkey spinkled with kosher salt and store them in a zip bag. Nuke for 1 and a half minutes. Stays moist!) with kim chi.
                                                                                I had 2 cups of black coffee...breakfast of champions.

                                                                                1. One & a half cups of coffee sweetened with honey, two gluten free ginger snaps, a smallish banana, about 8 fresh cherries.

                                                                                  1. Maybe a sideways post on this topic but I find planning for breakfast difficult. My SO and I spend most weekends racing or just cruising on the sail boat. I usually go to the grocer at lunch on Friday to pick up the groceries for the weekend. I am always standing there at a loss for what to purchase - ok lame as after 20 years I should know what the guy wants to eat - but on board it becomes an entirely different experience. Sometimes meat and eggs and sometimes bagel with cheese and tomato and sometimes noodles. Are there any rules for forecasting breakfast or just be ready for everything? help needed Friday is only a day away.

                                                                                    1. This morning:

                                                                                      Grapefruit juice, scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, granary roll, coffee.

                                                                                      Usual mornings: Muesli, yoghurt, juice, coffee.

                                                                                      And even after nearly ten years, I still miss the two cigarettes.

                                                                                      1. I alternate between oatmeal (made with water as I cannot stand milk, especially when hot!) topped a mixed omega seed sprinkle and mixed berries and fat-free natural yogurt with wheatgerm, mixed seeds and fruit. I drink decaff black coffee and green tea.

                                                                                        1. breakfast was same as a day or 2 ago (sorta).
                                                                                          black walnut halves
                                                                                          rainbow jumbo raisins
                                                                                          fresh squeezed OJ
                                                                                          coffee-ff milk&S&L
                                                                                          3/4 oz Tillamook mild cheddar slice
                                                                                          miniwini double chocolate brownie -for protein :)))

                                                                                          1. PS---Black walnuts and a brownie~!!! :-) sounds great

                                                                                            This morning I had a banana, a small sleeve of Goya Maria cookies, a can of unsweetened coconut water, and a coffee with cream.

                                                                                            1. From our hotel's breakfast buffet: Buttered steamed vegetables topped with a bit of chicken curry, half of a hard boiled egg, fresh pineapple and honeydew. Dried apricot, almonds and raisins for munching on in the office.

                                                                                              1. Woke up ravenous at 3 AM due to jet lag. No food in the house except, unaccountably, bulk popcorn. Was understandably cursed out by roommate for making a huge noisy pan of stovetop popcorn at 3:30 in the morning.