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Apr 11, 2008 07:55 AM

Any half-way decent Indian restaurants in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

Yes, I read the warnings on Chowhound about how there were no good Indian places in brownstone Brooklyn, but thought I would give it a try anyway. Ordered from "Joy of India" yesterday night, and it was inedible. I was not hoping for something on the order of Indian food in Jackson Heights, but was hoping for serviceable fare like you would get at "Curry in a Hurry" in Manhattan. The samosas were mush, and the main dishes were weirdly spiced or flavorless. I know this topic has been done to death before and this is probably a futile request, but I am hoping someone can help me find not a GOOD, but merely ADEQUATE Indian restaurant in this area, for nights when i simply must have a decent rogan josh or saag paneer.

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  1. I know what you mean--good Indian is a tall order in the Slope. The only decent place is Kinara in the south Slope--on 5th Ave, near 11th Street. It's easily the best of the bunch in the Park Slope / Prospect Hts vicinity.

    1. Yep, Kinara is the best but it's not really that great. Adequate pretty much describes it.

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        The last several times I've ordered from Kinera I've been struck by the forceful spicing. The food is not bland. By local standards, that goes quite a way.

      2. I'd suggest takeout from star of india

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          To me, Star of India, Amin and Joy India are all pretty much EXACTLY the same -- even down to the menus, which are reproductions of one another on different paper and with different store names.

          And, unfortunately, none of them are really all that good. And most disturbing, I have had SEVERELY undercooked (read RAW in the middle) chicken tandoori and chicken tikka from each and every one of them -- on multiple occasions.

          I refuse to order from any of them anymore.

          If you want curry, Chip Shop is actually decent -- but its not really "Indian" food. And I'm not sure how much curry they do since they shut the Curry Shop side.

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            we order from kinara, but only because there is nothing else, sadly. it's not horrible, i just wish we had more options.

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              There are rumors on brownstoner that a Baluchis is opening on 5th between 2nd and 3rd. While Baluchis is not exactly gourmet, I have found most of the branches to be more than passable and certainly better than anything I've had from any of the Indian restaurants in Park Slope.

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                That would be great. Although I agree that Baluchi's is not wonderful Indian food, at least it is edible. Now if we could only get a half-decent Chinese restaurant or noodle shop in this area. . .

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                  Kinara's descent is from Baluchi's if you like that style, thats the place to try. Too bad we cant just lock this type of thread at inception with a NO answer.

        2. As a desi woman and ravenous desi eater, I would say just grit your teeth and indulge your cravings when you're in another neighborhood, because I find all the options around the slope to be gross. Curry Shop was fine (esp if you like british south asian food), but last time I was at chip shop, they didn't have any more desi food on the menu because, as mentioned, Curry Shop has closed.

          Or you could take the B67 bus to Church Ave and Macdonald if you wanted some roadside-style Bangladeshi Sylheti food - cheap, very casual, a bit greasy, but way satisfying and with some good fish options - Jhinuk on Macdonald just south of Church is the one most people go to.

          Or another bus could take you to Flatbush where you can have West Indian food, much of which is influenced by Indian food (you can get rotis, goat curry, etc), like Ram's roti on Church Ave and E. 19th.

          1. I'm a fan of Bombay Masala on Franklin b/t Prospect Pl. and St. Mark's. Just ordered from there again last night. Had yummy, yummy baingan bhurta and the basic shaag ponir. I would recommend everything fried there, especially the banana pakora, which doubles as dessert. I've never tried any of their meat dishes, though. I can only vouch for the veggie end of things.

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            1. Can I trust my eyes? Is there actually a decent restaurant within takeout range for me? Anyone else try this place and care to comment?