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Apr 11, 2008 07:47 AM

[Manchester] the Market Restaurant. not convinced at all.

finally dined in at the institution which is the market restaurant last night and we were pretty dissapointed, possibly because i expected so much.

nice place if a little cramped and lovely friendly people. a parisian brasserie in manchester style.

really good wine - the 2000 lussac st emilion, very average food.

good starters
chicken liver parfait quite moorish. terrible toast. no chutney or cornichons. onion & parsley salad tasted of nothing.
crayfish & avocado salad OK.
smoked haddock & leek risotto was good.

average mains
roast rump of lamb, overcooked and underseasoned. pointless tabbouleh, tasteless mint oil.
pan fried sea bass with vanilla mash. unpleasantly flavoured mash. ok sea bass if a little dry.
rib eye seemed to go down quite well, i dint manage to get anywhere near it.

side orders
broccoli overcooked
tomato salad quite interesting spice & nut sprinkle
rocket & parmesan salad was rocket & parmesan salad

poor desserts
manchester pavlova, nice idea.
chocolate torte. far too cold and a littl old
stilton. was stilton.

£25 for 3 courses + a side order. is it fair to complain. bill for 4 inc service £200.

the market restaurant does what it says on the tin in a sams chop house way.

solid and steady and could have stayed at home and done it myself slightly better.

where to eat in and around manchester. i give up.

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  1. Give up and go to Liverpool ...!

    Don't know if you'll have any more luck here, but a little intra-regional rivalry never went amiss ...

    1. The City Life Guide records "There's almost something deeply wrong with you if you don't love the Market".

      I've been wondering for the last three years what it is that's actually wrong with me!

      Now, it seems, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me at all. There's someone else in the Manc. area who also doesnt rate the place.

      Four of us went, all enthusiasts for the "modern Brit" menu. Don't ask me to recall what we ate. It was all bland, predicatable and boring. And I got a parking ticket!

      It's still on our "to re-visit" list and will probably stay there. Betcha we enjoy revisiting Isinglass, Jem & I, Lime Tree & That Cafe more.

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      1. re: Harters

        Is That Cafe in a rather unlikely location in Levenshulme? I think I went there with Mr GG and his friend and thought it was quite good but not outstanding.

        1. re: greedygirl

          That's the one. And "good not outstanding" is a fair description. Havnt been for a couple of years.

          1. re: Harters

            Wow, that's really disappointing. I am one of those people who raves about The Market. I have eaten there maybe 25-30 times for lunch and dinner over the past few years, and not once have I been majorly disappointed. Individual dishes have failed to impress on occasion, but overall the experience has been consistently very happy... in fact, I would call it the most consistently good restaurant in Manchester, for me.

            However, one or two of the people I have recommended it to have been unhappy with their meal. Maybe they expected something more? Despite its accolades, the place is resolutely old-fashioned, even a bit scruffy, and serves fairly simple food that may not be to every foodie's taste. For me, these are all big pluses, but Juniper it is not, if you know what I mean, and I think people sometimes have outsize expectations based on how fervently people like myself rave about it.