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Apr 11, 2008 07:09 AM

Southern Fried Chicken

Could anyone recommend a place where they serve (good) Southern Fried Chicken in the Flushing / Bayside area? Would like take out if possible. Please no KFC (double yuck).

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  1. Popeyes Fried Chicken In Jamaica.

    And if you're not into that, Pooor Freddies Rib Shack on Linden and 158th. ( might be off by a block or two. :) )

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    1. re: frankie5angels

      I do appreciate your sugestion. Not to sound like an elitist but Popeyes - come on. Yes I know they serve fried chicken but to me they are just like KFC - oily and over salted. I am looking for (again) Flushing / Bayside area that serves fried chicken. Any suggestions - pls.

      1. re: charliebluesun

        The Popeyes I have been to are much better than KFC, it's possible the quality control has slipped as they have expanded. Legend has it that Korean places sell great fried chicken.

    2. i'm hijacking this thread...

      any reco's on fried chicken in the BoCoCa/BK Heights/Park Slope area?

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      1. re: the_state

        Not Southern style, but Henry's End is great fried chicken (be skeptical... more for me). Blue Ribbon in the Slope is also very good. Both are higher priced. When warmer weather hits, the relocated bbq place in W'berg should hit the spot as well (blanking on the name right now... not Fette Sau, which doesnt have chicken... the one that was almost under the bridge and closed down and has found a new space... someone will post it, I'm sure).

        1. re: Steve R

          i think you're referring to pies and thighs. and i definitely can't wait 'til the summer :)

          thanks for the tips.

            1. re: the_state

              Has Pies & Thighs relocated already? I thought it was supposed to take them a couple years...and where?

          1. re: the_state

            Maybe one day Amy Ruth's will actually open.

            1. re: bobjbkln

              Amy Ruths is opening up in Queens??? Where && when ????

              1. re: howster

                Not Queens, but Downtown Brooklyn on the Fulton Mall near Jay Street. I think bobjbkln was responding to the_state rather than the OP.

          2. Country Cafe on Atlantic and Saratoga. Maybe Fish and Wings on Atlantic and Ashford.

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            1. re: bigmackdaddy

              fish and wings looks tasty but my white-bread ass would get hella harassed in a spot like that.

              1. re: the_state

                Just passed by that place yesterday while driving down Atlantic on my way out to the Island.

                Now THAT would be an adventure, for sure!

                1. re: elecsheep9

                  It ain't that bad. It's not like the '70's. I dare say that the area is working its way up like Bed Sty ie hipsters. Now or days they serve the biz workers during the day and the residents of Fulton St. at night. You'll have a more aggrevating time finding a quick parking spot than you will getting hassled.

                  1. re: bigmackdaddy

                    what area is that even considered? brownsville? either way, place looks legit.

                2. re: the_state

                  Oh c'mon... It's a business. They sell chicken. You're much more likely to be met with someone interested in taking your order as you are by any harassement. I swear this fear of non-white people thing goes waaaay too far.

                  1. re: Woodside Al

                    you know what, chill out man. i grew up less than minutes from far rockaway and was friends with plenty of "non-white" people in my HS. truth of the matter is, the stretch that stretch of atlantic avenue isn't regarded for being the safest neighborhood in brooklyn. i'm sure if just about anyone rolls up at 1am on a sat night they'll get harassed (and not by employees).

              2. Us Sunnysider's would kill for a KFC nearby, & no, Popeyes is nothing like it, it is far superior , but the franchise owner always has to maintain the standards ( the Popeyes on Steinway doesn't unfortunately).
                I second the Korean places for a good variation on FC.

                1. I work in Bayside, and frequent Flushing, and, for the life of me, can't think of any places that serve southern-style fried chicken. You do, however, have many options for Korean-style. In Bayside, there's the Kyo Chon on Springfield and Horace Harding, which, although pricey, is not bad. I had an exceptionally crispy bird at the Bon Chon on Bell Boulevard about a year back, probably the best Bon Chon I've sampled out of three outlets. There are also numerous places, such as Bon Chon, Mani Mani, and others, lining Northern Boulevard in the Murray Hill section of Flushing. If you do unearth some authentic southern bird in Bayside, though, do tell. I'm always on the make for more and varied lunchtime options.