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Apr 11, 2008 06:56 AM

Chesapeake Bay area -where to eat

We will be driving down the east coast from CT and stopping in different parts of the coast. I have always wanted to see the Chesapeake Bay area and always wanted to eat real crab cakes and bay area food. Not sure where we want to stop for the best food and the nicest views and drives? We are open to all kinds of food but want southern home cooking and crab cakes. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Java - I have been to Cantler's waterfront restaurant and crab house an Annapolis, Maryland icon several times and it is exceptional. A real experience of feasting on everything crab. If you are in the Annapolis area this place is a must. Go here and check it out.

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        and for something a little more upscale, the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels:

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          gotta say, my wife and I spent a weekend in st. michael's last year for our anniversary and while the service was fine, the ambience and the food left a little to be desired, but to each his own... BIG HOWEVER: up the street, Bistro St. Michaels was our personal favorite for the casual, european-bistro feel, small zinc bar in the back, and exception food and wine... we make the three-hour drive from the NJ shore to st. michaels just to hit the bistro again...

      2. If you plan on coming as far south as VA, the tidewater area, just over the bay bridge from the eastern shore, has some great debatable options for crabcakes as well as southern fare. The city of Virginia Beach will not only provide many local independent restaurants, some fine dining others seafood "pubs", but is also a great place to see the ocean front. The Cavalier hotel I have heard recently, really does a properly simple and delicious jumbo lumb (blue crab of course!) crab cake. Blue crab season really just kicked off as of the first of April, so watch out for those that still use pasteurized foreign lump meat!
        Norfolk, about 15 to 30 minutes west of Virginia Beach has a great downtown scene that has a few nice places, Todd Jurich's Bistro which melds local southern staples, produce, seafood and livestock with different culture's cuisines has a reputable crab cake. As does a few others in the downtown vicinity, Bobbywood, 456 Fish...but for a wonderful dining experience well worth the extra drive into the country (only 25 minutes west of Norfolk in Suffolk VA) there is Vintage Tavern. Chef owned and operated by Sam McGann and his lovely wife Cindy, they will far exceed your expectations not only with crab cakes, which should be on their menu by now, but with wine service, decor, and a very well balanced Virginia "southern cooking" menu. They have an unbelievably quaint yet hugely comfortable and warmly designed building. You're also right at the beginning of soft shell crab season! Get them while you can!