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Apr 11, 2008 06:40 AM

Fish Sandwich in Lowell?

Where can I get a good fish sandwich in Lowell? Salmon or Haddock preferred.


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  1. haddock at the Glenview Pub & Grill looks awesome, I havent' yet but many rave about it. It could be Chelmsford very close to Drum Hill.

    1. Another fantastic haddock is Good Thymes (awesome value and great service) just not sure they do a sandwich, I've had the dinner and it was excellent.

      1. The Old Court on the corner of Central and Middle St. has really good fish and chips, they also offer a fried haddock sandwich which I haven't tried but would assume to be good as well.

        1. Found it at the new Beers Works (formerly the location of the Brewery Exchange). A nice, big, piece of fresh haddock on a toasted bulkie roll with lettuce, tomato, and sunshine (?) aoili.