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Apr 10, 2008 12:44 PM

Lunch - LI Wine Country [split from Manhattan board]

[Split from


For lunch in Wine Country -- there is a fantastic seafood place in Port of Egypt called The Seafood Barge. Port of Egypt is a marina located after all (most) of the wineries on the lower road and before Greenport. Its easy to miss, and the place doesn't look like much from the outside, but I went once about 2 years back and was absolutely blown away by the food.

Its a sit-down place, so its not ideal if you want a quickie lunch, but I highly recommend. Perhaps that should be your dinner after a long day of wine-tasting.

A 2005 NY Times Dining Out Review rated it "excellent".

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  1. Thanks Elecsheep! The Seafood Barge looks great but unfortunately my mother doesn't eat fish of any kind, so we'd probably be looking for something that has a more varied menu. We'll see, though - my dad and I would love it, so maybe we can convince her!

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      No problem. If Seafood Barge doesn't work out, you could also try "Jamesport Country Kitchen" -- that may suit your mom's taste's better.

      Unfortunately, I've not had the opportunity to try it, but it is the restaurant outlet for Christopher Michael Caterers, who caters a lot of the winery weddings out on the north fork. (We scrapped the idea of a winery wedding before we got the chance to try the food, but have wanted to go back ever since.)

      They seem to get good reviews, so that might be worth a look also.

      Be warned though, Jamesport is relatively early on the wine trail (again on the southern road). So if you don't time it right, it might mean a bit of backtracking. Although nothing is TOO far from one another on the trail.

      Nearby Jamesport winery is quite lovely, with some quite nice wines. I got a terrific reserve merlot from there a few years back.

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        I've had several lovely lunches at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn, in that area.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I've read a bunch of great reviews of Jedediah Hawkins Inn - I've got that down as a possibility. I'm guessing we'll just try to find a place whenever we get hungry, so I'm making a little map of good-sounding places all over the area. That way, wherever we are, we won't get sucked into a tourist trap or a nice-looking place with terrible food!

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            I think both times we just called in the morning and got a table - the 2nd time we went it was pretty empty. I've posted a review here from the first lunch, I think. The service is a little on the casual friendly side for an upscale place, but no big deal. And they have some nice house wines from local wineries.

    2. Micahel Meehan, an excellent although temperamental chef, had been the chef at The Seafood Barge at that time, but is no longer there, so I would not necessarily go by such an old article.
      I have been to the Jamesport Country Kitchen, and it is quite good.

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      1. re: robinsilver

        Michael Meehan is at Michaels on the Boardwalk in Riverhead Village, which is coincidentally one of our favorites right now. There are quite a few nice restaurants on Main St (including the Cafe at the new Culinary Institute) so if you're hungry early on,stop there first and you'll have a lot of choices.

        1. re: coll

          Newsday reported last week that Michael Meehan has left the Boardwalk

      2. i had a really bad experience there- they triple charged my card and the food/service was mediocre..
        i was sort of disappointed.
        we did go during the colder months so I guess we did not get the full "experience"

        james port country kitches is great
        love their pesto chicken sandwich

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          I believe it's the place that's same owner as Clam Bar in Amagansett....if that's it, they disappointed me too. They were out of everything I wanted to order, and what I got was bottom of the barrel to be frank. And it was in the summer, although during the week. So many better places to try, skip it please.

        2. I was always surprised that the Seafood Barge received such a positive review from the Times. We had a weekend house in Mattituck at the time that review was written, and we completely shrugged it off. In my experience the place was beyond mediocre and cost far too much for what was offered. I never quite "got" it.

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          1. re: roxlet

            The owner can be a little devious, he must have know he was going to be reviewed is what I think.