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Apr 10, 2008 10:53 PM

Hog Island Oysters come to the Berkeley Thursday Farmers' Market

What a pleasant surprise during my routine Thursday shopping. The Hog Island Oyster Company is now selling shucked and unshucked oysters, as well as clams and mussels. Unshucked range in price from $10-$15 per dozen. Shucked are $2 a piece. Today, the shucked options were Sweetwater and Kumamoto, and I had one of each. I'm no oyster expert, but I thought these were delicious. Very fresh, a nicely subtle brine, no off-flavors. They also had lemon wedges, tobasco, and a cilantro sauce. This just might become a weekly habit for me. Welcome to Berkeley, Hog Island!

Hog Island Oyster Bar
Ferry Building,, San Francisco, CA 94111

Hog Island Oyster Co
20215 Hwy 1, Marshall, CA

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  1. They were there last week also. Is it against the law to barbeque in Berkeley? They were talking about the possibility last week and not talking about it this week.

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      Nah, no law against it. Andy and Cindy's Thai grills up chicken at the Tues and Thur markets, and people grill at the street fairs all the time.

    2. Yes, I noticed Hog Island there as well. I didn't try the oysters this trip, but I did try some of the best first-of-the-season organic strawberries I have ever tasted. These came from Catalan Farms and they are small to medium berries, good red color and sweet and flavorful. I bought two baskets, then proceeded to eat half of them while strolling around the market, then went back for a third, but they were already sold out. Went to Lucero, but they had sold out as well. Maybe its going to be a good strawberry year after all. I had some huge, flavorless, non-organic strawberries from both of the vendors (I can't remember their names at the moment) at the Temescal market a few weeks ago. I got excited at the sight of strawberries, and they told me that no pesticides were used, so I gave it a shot. They paled in comparison to those I got yesterday at Catalan!