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Apr 10, 2008 10:09 PM

baking without an oven

i only possess a pot, stove and a microwave oven which i'm not sure is safe to use. is it possible to bake anything at all - in terms of cake, baked goods that sort of thing. my housemates love sweet things.

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  1. I would make bread pudding. There are recipes for pot bread, if you google, so I'm sure you could make a sweet rather than savoury bread.

    1. Ya know - I think baked goods are not really possible with a pot and a stove top. But you could do some desserts that incorporate already baked items. Like trifle - buy a poundcake and then make the custard sauce yourself on the stove, add your onw fruit and whipped cream. Similarly you could make tiramisu with bought ladyfingers (and who doesn't?).

      1. I've never made them, but I have seen recipes for microwave brownies. You can google and you will find some.

        1. Sweet things that don't require an oven:
          Chocolate Mousse/Pudding
          No bake Cheesecake
          Rice Krispie Treats (and a million variations)
          Rice Pudding

          I know they're not all cake-like but they at least fit the description of sweet things :)

          1. Do you have a grill? I put clay tiles on my grill and make pizza, bread, cheesecake, creme brullee...