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Apr 10, 2008 09:47 PM

Sunday lunch(brunch?) with kids near Faneuil Hall/Aquarium

We (2 adults, 2 boys 7 & 10) are headed to an early afternoon event near Faneuil Hall on Sunday. The boys are solid, somewhat adventurous eaters and could walk away from the food court and toward Govt Center or the North End for a fun, casual or upper casual lunch or brunch. They would especially enjoy good chowders.

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  1. what places should we consider?

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    1. re: RollingDoughnuts

      There's another thread on the board about this same topic. At one time today, it was just under yours. Look the board over or do a search and you'll find some great suggestions.

      Sel de la Terre, Legal Seafood, Quincy Market, North End, etc. are frequently suggested.