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Apr 10, 2008 09:19 PM

whym vs. eatery?

I'm going to whym for dinner tomorrow night after reading some postiive reviews here. I noticed that whym and eatery are owned by the same people. Is there a substantive difference between the two places? I thought the eatery menu online maybe had a little more of an Asian influence but I'm not even sure that's accurate. I'd be curious if someone knows. Also, would love to hear any recommendations on what I should order at whym. I'm pretty open to anything so I guess I'd be interested to hear of specialties or something. Thanks

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  1. Eatery is pretty bad overall. Mediocre food, worse service.

    Whym is a more comfortable place with better service and slightly better food. Stick to the entree salads. Otherwise, there are better options in the area. But of these two, Whym is clearly the better of them.

    1. I had an inedible brunch at whym last year. I'm not a huge Eatery fan either, but I've eaten there a number of times and been generally satisfied. I would pick Eatery over Whym any day.

      1. I actually like Eatery better...I've been to Whym twice for lunch lately, and they just miss the mark at having decent food, unfortunately. I had a good burger at Eatery, and the other food looks good, too. I'd definitely go there. I like the atmosphere better, too, it's like they're trying slightly less hard, in a good way.

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          Uh-oh. I think I'm committed for tonight but for future reference what are better dining options in the area? I'm going to Rose Theater at Time Warner and don't want to stray too far from the neighborhood. I took a pass on Landmarc, despite the obviously convenient location.

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            Okay, whym worked out fine tonight for the occasion. Definitely acceptable service, no problems with a wait on anything. Well-paced service. We enjoyed a leisurely meal. There were three of us. I only noticed the booths in the back after we had been seated for a while so it was too late to change, although it's unclear we would have got a booth anyway. Seating could have been a little tight and awkward if I hadn't been as comfortable with my group. As for the food, I can't say it was great. The food preparation is just overdone. We shared fried calamari, "sexy mushrooms" and an arugula salad to start. Calamari was okay but the sauce tasted bottled. Mushrooms were probably the best appetizer. Some of the arugula tasted a little dried out or old. I had the wasabi-crusted tuna. Again all the seasoning and stuff just seemed excessive. One relative had the chipotle meatloaf and the other the shrimp quesadilla. They both finished them and seemed to like them well enough. I didn't really push them for comments since I was treating (didn't want them to feel bad if they had negative reviews). Would I return? I certainly wouldn't go out of my way. If I have another event at Time Warner I would look for other places but if whym were the only option I guess I would considering going back.