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Apr 10, 2008 07:41 PM

Dudley's Bakery.

After all these years I still love the place. The place has been around for 50 or 60 years and just has some of the best specialty breads around. Few things smell so good as walking in there on a busy Saturday to the smell of all that bread baking away. Who else has love for this San Diego institution?

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  1. I've actually never been to the bakery. Where is it? I used to love the soft fruit bars.

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    1. re: Josh

      We hit Dudley's every time we ride the bike up to the mountains. It's on Hwy. 78 in Santa Ysabel, just before you get to Julian. They still have the soft fruit bars. They make this small loaf of cheddar cheese bread, and it makes really good toast. I like the Julian Apple Nut, also. And their macaroons are dee-lish!

      1. re: phee

        That is a decadent junction (NW corner of 78/79 in Santa Ysabel), with Dudley's and the primary Julian Pie Company store. You can go through a week's worth of carbs in less than 30 minutes, easy.

      2. re: Josh

        What - you've never been to Julian? For shame Josh, and you call yourself a San Diegan. :-) Personally I'm not that crazy about this place (and you can buy the bread at Henry's) but the pies at the Julian Pie Company are the best.

        1. re: Alice Q

          I didn't say I hadn't been to Julian, just that I hadn't been to Dudley's. I've been to Julian as many times as necessary (read that how you will). I don't recall seeing Dudley's on my trips there, but I probably wasn't paying close attention.

          1. re: Josh

            If you go up the 67 it's at the foot of the hill in Santa Ysabel near the big Julian Pie Company store. It's kinda hard to miss, it sits by itself and has a packed parking lot.

            IMHO, Julian is a drag on a day trip, but spending a weekend up there is kind of fun (as long as it's not in the fall) There are a few wineries and the Orfila tasting room, some antique shops, etc.

            We pack our own food and cook dinner and breakfast, but Soups n Such and Wynola Pizza Express are ok for lunch - and we always have pie for dessert. We like the Big Cat Cabin as a place to stay.

            1. re: Alice Q

              "If you go up the 67 it's at the foot of the hill in Santa Ysabel near the big Julian Pie Company store."

              I don't want to sound pedantic, but highway 67 ends in Ramona when it meets up with highway 78. 78 then continues to the east, and in Santa Ysabel it joins with highway 79. 78 and 79 are one route up through Julian, and they split again east of town.

              Josh, here's a map:


              Dudley's isn't exactly in Julian, which is why you probably didn't see it. It sounds like Julian isn't your speed. :)

            2. re: Josh

              If you go up the back way through Descanso you'll miss it. Maybe that's the issue.

              I like Dudley's fruit bars, but I'm not sure if I've ever tried the bread.

        2. Love Dudley's. We always stop by when we go past. Great jalapeƱo bread and potato bread.

          1. Usually don't eat the stuff but I do enjoy going up and stopping at getting those apple fritters..
            Love the jalapeno cheese bread.

            1. I love Dudley's and the Julian Pie Company! Bread or apple pie make a great breakfast. :-)

              1. I moved away from CA about a year ago to of all places texas? well I am purpetualy homesick and was trying to explain how there is no place like dudley's bakery anywear els in the world and how freckin adorable julian is and how even just hearing squaw bread makes me homesick. Buying the bread and pies at henrys is just not the same ...Is it henry or boneys? Cant remember oh well anyone in the S.D area reading this who has no idiea what were talking about need to go !!!
                I need to come back home to S.D :(