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Apr 10, 2008 07:36 PM

Berkley near 4TH St

Please recomend breakfast, lunch and dinner on 4TH street or withen walking distance anything from dives to elegant

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  1. Sort of depends what part of 4th St. you're talking about.

    Here's something to get you started

    1. Cheap but tasty - Viks (lunch and dinner)
      Casual/Mid-priced - 900 Grayson (breakfast, brunch and lunch - closed Sunday)
      Elegant - Eccolo (lunch, brunch and dinner)
      Dessert - Sketch Ice Cream

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      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        I second the Vik's recommendation. Just ate there last weekend and had the bhatura chole - huge puri w/ delicious chickpea curry. Various other chaats are good too. I think their dosas are pretty good, but I really don't care much for their uthapam - my friend had on this visit and I thought it was way too oily and had too cakey a texture - it reminded me of really bad, spongy pizza dough.

        Overall though, Vik's remains a very impressive operation, definitely worth a visit if in this area.

        Dave MP

      2. Breakfast/Lunch- Bette's (or Cafe M, though I haven't tried it so can't vouch for it).

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        1. re: chemchef

          I enjoy Tacubaya for a quick breakfast (opens late at 10am) or lunch - it's nice to sit out on the patio - and you can stop in at the Pasta Shop to stock up on goods.
          O Chame - cal/japanese fusion - I have been there twice for lunch and walked out happy.
          Cafe Rouge is another option on the higher end - I haven't eaten there but pick up products at their meat market - here is the most recent thread - but it isn't super recent:

          Cafe Rouge
          1782 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

          O Chame
          1830 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

          1788 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

          1. re: suebette

            Oh yeah! Geez, how could I forget Tacubaya! I love them.

            1. re: suebette

              I'll take Casa Latina over Tacubaya.

              Casa Latina
              1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I adore this place!! I always walk out with a gigantic, heavy paper bag full of pastries that I can't possibly finish for under $5...though every time I've gone, they're out of the chicken tamales which I've heard so much about. :( It might be a bit of a walk though...

                1. re: Pammeh

                  I tried a chicken tamale. Dry, tasteless chicken in dry masa. Needed to drown it in delicious salsa to make it palatable.

          2. Yeah, it really depends on WHERE on 4th St you're walking from, and what your parameters for "walkable" are. I used to work near 4th St and University, and I walk fast, but here are a few places that I loved:

            Cheese Steak Shop - mmmm, greasy, fattening, and fits perfectly into that "divey" category

            Tomate Cafe - very very cute and charming, and the staff is totally sweet! I love the atmosphere--it's warm and sunny and homey

            @Siam - ok fine, this is a stretch for walking from 4th, but I loooooooved this place for lunch. Clean, bright flavors, never falling into the trap of oiliness, and their lunch special is a great deal.

            Cheese Steak Shop
            1054 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

            Tomate Cafe
            2265 5th St, Berkeley, CA 94710