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Apr 10, 2008 07:29 PM

where to eat in Sellersville?

My boyfriend and some friends will be at Sellersville Theater this weekend. Any good reccommendations for dinner around there? More on the casual side.....

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  1. Washington House I'm told is run by the same onwers as the theatre and is next to the theatre, I've seen good to very good reviews here. I'm going to a show next week
    there and am considerng WH or which is in Pennsburg, not far away and very casual.

    1. I agree the Washington House is decent.

      1. Washington House is good and close. It may not be center-city-great, but for Upper Bucks, it's pretty consistently good. Cafe Avocado is much more low-key in the heart of Perkasie, but they do great stuff. ( It's small, but pre-show might be just up their alley, especially if you're looking for casual.

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          Teri and family do a wonderful job at Cafe Avocado. Highly recommended. Just note it is in Perkasie not Sellersville.

          One other dining establishment to consider in Sellersville is Arielle's Country Inn. This is the restaurant that is the successor to Cafe Arielle in Doylestown which had been a staple for years in the Agriculture Works. Focus is more continental food than French at the Inn now, but good food.

          1. re: cwdonald

            I can't recommend Arielle's more, but it might not be as casual as her boyfriend is looking for. Of course, I think I was the only one wearing a jacket the night I went for an anniversary dinner, so it's fairly casual.