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Apr 10, 2008 07:28 PM

tripe or tongue between USC and Burbank airport?

Flying in from NY to a meeting at USC and then will be flying back from Burbank airport. I'm looking for a place to pass by before my evening flight out. I'd love to have something with tripe or tongue. It can be Mexican, it can be Asian, or any other cuisine. I'd rather not spend a lot. A take out place would almost be preferable to a complicated, sit-down-and-order place. Tacos would be great. Menudo would be great.

In fact, I'd prefer something with tripe than something with tongue but would willingly go for either.

I already know the taco place inside that Latino mall near the DMV near USC. I know various branches of Lucy's. I know that Mexican place on Hoover (or is it Vermont) almost at the end where it hits Wilshire (the one that has its own taco truck outside on the weekends). So some other place would be great.

Deep down, I think my ideal would be an Asian dish with tripe as its main ingredient.

But again, I'm open to all suggestions.


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  1. Sam Woo on Van Nuys Blvd. off the 405 FWY may be the closest detour. They have beef tripe on rice and noodle soup, but not sure about tongue.

    1. Bronco on the corner of Woodman and Moorpark in Studio City has pretty good menudo and is about one block south of th 101. This would allow you to get back on the 101, merge to the 134 and get off on Pass and follow the signs to the sirport.

      1. One block from Burbank (Bob Hope) airport:

        Costa Azul
        2001 N Buena Vista St
        Burbank, CA 91504
        (818) 567-4689

        That being said a lot of Mexican restaurants don't serve menudo except on certain weekend mornings, so if you are going specifically for this dish you probably want to check with them to make certain it'll be available for you.

        1. near usc, on washington blvd, there is a tortilla/bakery that also makes really good food. it is called adelita's. it is by washington and central/alameda it is right next to an auto zone and near a place where they sell fresh chicken. the blue line crosses by washington. sorry about the lack of address, can't remember. they sell all sorts of mexican food, and on the weekend they sell barbacoa it is really good.

          1. There s a whole bunch of places, a chain, in the valley that is very authentic and I am sure you can Google them. It's called Rigo's. They not only have tripe tacos which are wonderful they also have tacos de tripas de lechera (and if you know what that is you had a great Mexican Food education). Really good. They most likely would also have tacos de lengua which would satisfy your craving for tongue.