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Apr 10, 2008 06:49 PM

Marty-D's Hotdogs

South Beverly Drive near Shave and parking lot, BH.

custom made east coast empire kosher 8" thick dogs grilled and bunned with side car stewed onions (like sabretts in ny but not pickly tasting) and kraut. comes with fries or knish (excellent deep friend square knish)...also had the six dollar shake with some incredible icecream (not sure what brand but owner said the best, and it tasted like it) with old school choc. syrup on bottom of old school glass with metal rack with side car of another shake...huge large pillows of icecream inside...whipped cream time getting the butter pecan with the chocolate (basically any combination)....the dog was awesome and with a tasty knish and shake fogetabout the rest of the work day! owner was there, also a fan of the other marty's on pico with vienna beefs and he made sure we were happy. It was 7.95 for the monster dog and knish and 5.95 for the shake...they had banana splits and other massive ice cream and sofa fountain desserts and drinks...I'm looking forward to going back but how regularly can you have a huge dog, knish and double shake and going to find out im afraid as it's a block from my office.

hounds, dogs, they go together

228 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 273-7771

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  1. The dogs are good. No doubt some of the best in town. That said, it's hardly a monster dog, and on its own doesn't constitute anything approaching a full meal. I could probably eat 3 and not flinch. Which brings us to the problem with Marty D's -- $8. For a hot dog. With one, after taxes, drinks, and fries you leave there spending over $20pp and not feeling full. My girlfriend and I left agreeing that the food was good but the price points would make them go out of business within a few months. For hot dogs and shakes, and with only a few items on the menu and no veggie options, I don't think these prices will fly for too long.

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    1. re: rogermexico

      it is fries and dog for 8 bucks, pricey but this is beverly hills....with drink, more like 13 with tip etc....2cent fountain drinks...i agree, i could eat two dogs too ez and i told the owner he needs to work out a cheaper price just for a dog solo....he said they're working on it....

      no cheap, but BH...who knows, there are $20 tacos (fridas) and $12 friend rice (chin chin), $10 falafel places (kosher place) and $4 slices of pizza (mulberry within 50 feet of it) on the same street...i hope they make it cuz that dog and shake were good

      1. re: jessejames

        I could swear the dog alone was 8 and the fries ran like 3-4 on top. I was there pretty early so things may have changed...

        1. re: rogermexico

          it was dogs alone and fries extra but I heard they are running a special and fries are included for a limited time. I Pass by it a few times a week but still haven't had the chance to make it in

        2. re: jessejames

          I for one will never pay $8 for a hot dog. What is this world coming to? And for the record, Frida's tacos are not $20; more like $12 at the most (still too high); Mulberry has a constant special of 2 cheese slices and a drink (and maybe a small salad?) for $7.95, and I never feel ripped off there.

          We live around the corner and marvel at this place - never more than 4 diners inside. Going, going...

          1. re: cant talk...eating

            Actually, for the record, it's $8 for dog and fries. Keep marveling and missing out on some of the tastiest fare in the 'hood!

            1. re: jessejames

              but that is the grand opening special, it expires after the memorial day weekend, so it a little less than a week it will be about 11 or 12 bucks.

              1. re: kevin

                Not true. This special has and will be in place, perhaps under different names to try to reel in customers. Same thing a month ago. Same next month. Call Marty if you have any questions.

                1. re: jessejames

                  It was priced that way on the menu (hot dog and fries together) - which made me think it was permanent.

          2. re: jessejames

            Stopped by today and had just a cup of chili and a Coke. It was clean and nicely decorated. About half full at lunchtime. I love the glassware for the cokes and ice cream sundaes. The rest of the menu looked really intriguing, particularly a knish, an egg cream, a frozen chocolate....

            The prices are indeed a little high for hot dogs. Even though this is Beverly Hills, there are plenty of low-cost places for office workers to eat around there: Subway, Chipotle, Islands, Urth...

            If they had a $5 hot dog/fries/drink lunchtime special, the place would be packed. There is a ton of foot traffic around here between office people, tourists, and local schoolkids (actually quite obnoxious, so avoid Wednesday which is a half-day for those punks, and any day after school.) I don't know if that price would work economically, but it's something to consider....

            1. re: scoot

              Beverly Hills? We are still talking about Marty's on Pico right? If so that can't be the Hills of Beverly. More likely West LA or Cheviot Hills.

              1. re: Servorg

                It's on Little Beverly - off of Wilshire

                1. re: ximena2080

                  No such things as little beverly its on Beverly Drive South of Wilshire East of Rodeo Drive and West of Crsecent Dr.

        3. Thought the quality of the dogmeat was the real winner at Marty Ds. But whatever you do, don't try a chili dog, the chili is "gourmet" and just...not Chili dog material at all. I shouldn't have even tried...

          1. Just went there for the first time today and I really don't disagree too much with what others are saying. I really enjoyed the hot dog and it definitely seemed higher quality than what you get at other places. I got a chili dog and while I DID like it, I agree that the chili is different than what you usually get on a chili dog. One thing, the fries appear to come with the hot dog - they do not charge you separately for them. I would definitely go back and want to try some of the other items on the menu.

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            1. re: ximena2080

              That's the before Memorial Day special they currently have going on. What a special, no?

              Get it before it's gone.

            2. The ice cream is apparently something called "Dandy Don's" brand, the chili is vegetarian and they offer an 8 sundae called "The Works" for $24.95. Google is a wonderful creation... Now to go find that ice cream... :)

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              1. re: Tim77

                does anyone know who the purveyor of their "east coast style" all beef hot dogs are?

                1. re: kevin

                  Marty said Empire Kosher makes them custom...

                2. re: Tim77

                  Dandy Don's ice cream is pretty good... closest thing to homemade ice cream that I've had in a while.