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Apr 10, 2008 06:47 PM

Live Dungeness Crab

Does anyone know where I can buy live Dungeness Crab? I grew up in the Seattle-area, and miss this common crustacean creature of the Pacific Northwest.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Dungeness Crab is, in my opinion, a much superior crab than those over here on the East Coast. The meat is sweeter, the crab larger, and much more rewarding to eat.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can get there in almost all Chinese grocery stores that have fish tanks in Chinatown. The fish stores on Mott Street tends to have fresh and big ones. So does Deluxe Food Market.

    1. All over fishmongers in Chinatown. I usually buy from one of the stalls on Canal between Baxter and Mullberry, though the last time I purchased Dungeness crabs, I wasn't pleased with the meatiness of the crabs.

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        Hi JungMann,

        Avoid the two stalls on Canal. Their seafood is not fresh at all. Go to Mott Street there are a few seafood stalls (opposite to Saigon Bakery, before you hit DiPalo on Grand St.) The seafood there are much fresher.

      2. On Mulberry Street just below Canal or on the corner of East Broadway and Catherine, I don't know the name of either but they are both in Chinatown, the crabs are live in tanks.

        1. I find the most well priced, best maintained, and freshest crab and lobster at a seafood store on Centre street. Sorry I don't have a name but it basically spells out "Live Seafood Crab and Lobster" on the store front awning and you can also see a tank in the window. Inside the shopkeeper has a system of irrigated pools of crab and lobster by size and kind. The store is on the East side of Centre St, just north of Canal and above/across from Howard St which comes to a dead end on Centre from the west. I buy Dungeness and lobsters from them all the time for home cooking. They also close at 6pm on the dot.

          1. If you go to Chinatown, you might have to be careful because some places may sell Jonah Crabs as "Dungeness Crabs". Seems like you saw the difference that's why you were mentioning that a Dungeness Crab is larger and tastes better. However, I think Jonah crabs are cheaper than Dungeness crabs, which probably makes up for the taste.

            I found an older posting on where to find Dungeness crabs. You can check these places out: