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Apr 10, 2008 06:43 PM

An Cuisines Cary, NC

Anyone been here? We will be staying at the Umstead and someone recommended

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  1. I highly recommend it. Every detail of the experience is done to perfection. The menu is creative, intriguing & delicious. You probably should make reservations, especially if you go on the week-end. Here is one past thread I found with several comments.

    1. At least have a drink at Umstead's bar...when we were last there we sat near Michael Jordan and heard Beyonce had been there earlier in the week.

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        I agree with you. It's a nice bar in such a lovely setting. (I'm still dying to know what Beyonce was doing in town, though. And right before her "wedding.")

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          Oh, it was just a little celebration party among friends. Good times.

      2. I'd also highly recommend it. The best sushi I've had in the area. No detail overlooked.

        1. I've had one absolutely spectacular meal there, one that was great, and one good. The good was when a date and I went specifically for the sushi/raw bar. We were disappointed w/the raw bar selections. I thought there would be a selection of raw oysters to chose from but didn't see ANY mention of it at all on the menu. The server didn't know anything at all about the sake selection and just seemed very inexperienced. We ended up w/a selection of rolls and nigiri and a bottle of sake. The total was over $130 not including tip. The salmon really stood out---it was really fresh and buttery. The rest were really good but we didn't leave stuffed nor all that particularly satisfied. We would have been better off just dining in the main dining area and eating from the dinner menu.

          I would still definitely recommend An but I was a bit disappointed in the sushi experience especially for the price.

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            Thanks for reporting. This is the first mention of the sushi bar area I've seen. I have only eaten in the main area...

          2. We had a pretty negative service experience at An when we tried it, but that was more than a year ago. Our server essentially forgot about us as she was so busy serving a group in back. The setting was beautiful but I was not as overwhelmed by the food as I'd hoped. Given the poor service and the limited number of date nights we have available we've chosen not to go again. We'd rather go to Fins for fusion and seafood.

            Personally if I were staying in the Umstead I'd probably try Heron's right there in the hotel; I've heard really good things about it.