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Apr 10, 2008 06:34 PM

Posh, Vancouver: "the first exclusive sukiyaki restaurant in NA"?

No idea if the claim is true, but decided it was time to check out this resto which has been open for a couple or three months. The first is in Richmond, with another planned for Kingsway per their website

Anyway, the Friday Lunch Bunch did a rekky and reported back favourably so I arranged to meet a lunch companion there the following Tuesday. We made an unnecessary reso (good idea on a Friday though) and were seated in the front booth which was nice and bright by the window. The restaurant is generally a mite dark because of the red/black decor so this was a good thing for lunch anyway.

We decided to go for the suggested sampler and after a quick explanation of the various implements on the table, we fired up the flame. This was different than other hotpot places I gather (no expert but my dining companion is well versed in the Chinese versions) because it was independent of the table. We did not have to add more butane as the Lunch Bunch did on Friday as we were only two.

Sample plate came quickly and we started lobbing stuff in. Lotsa rooty things, some of which I recognized, some not, plus mushrooms, 2 kinds of noodles, cabbage, spinach, bok choy, various tofus, bean sprouts and much more. Oh and of course thinly sliced pork and beef. My favourites were the meats, the vermicelli and surprisingly the taro, which I am normally not a big fan of. We opted not to dip things in the raw egg as per the custom, so each morsel was very hot!

Freshness and quality of all elements seemed high, and we couldn't even finish the sampler plate so do not stint on portions the way some AYCE places do. I do note that they charge $3 for "wasted meats" but that was not an issue.

What was an issue was a sudden dropoff of service. After one checkback with us, no more server, ever, unless we hung sideways out of the booth for long periods gesticulating (so very attractive) or went up and got her. We ran out of water to top up the broth which is not good, and no tea after the first cup. We ended up pilfering a water pot from a nearby vacant table as our meal was about to burn! We couldn't even get the cheque when we were done, so the whole meal took almost 1.5 hours, not ideal when you are on a lunch hour.

Definitely a situation where the service impacted the meal in a not happy way. Looking just at the food/value I would return, hoping this was an anomaly (the Lunch Bunchers had no such problems in a slammed environment). The price is $9.88 for lunch, $13.88 for dinner.

I couldn't find any posts or a Place entry for Posh but my CH searching skills need work so I may have missed them.

101-1788 West Broadway (604) 737-7674

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  1. they have a location on broadway near futureshop, or so my memory suggests

    1. I'd passed by this location on W. Broadway many times and wondered about it - think I did see an article in the local paper a while back though. Thanks for the post, I think I will venture a visit one day soon, though not holding high hopes for the quality, or the service as you described it.

      1. So when they say "exclusive" do they mean they serve ONLY sukiyaki? Is the staff Japanese? ( I always hate to ask that question, but I feel I must.)

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        1. re: fmed

          From what I could tell, yes thats what they mean by exclusive - serve only sukiyaki. The article I think I saw mentioned some staff by name and they were definitely Chinese surnames.

          I just found the article from the Van Sun I remembered...

          1. re: jay_kay

            Vandan, I was at the West Broadway location (sorry if that wasn't clear). Jay_kay, I think the food quality was very good to great, it was the service that was lacking. Fmed, only sukiyaki, no evidence of the miso or dessert mentioned in the Sun article, although perhaps they were there and just not offered. You get a paper list of ingredients in case you want to order "a la carte" ie not the sampler, or if you want to order more items. Our server was not Japanese and since we really didn't get close enough to any other staff I can't comment further. One last point if you go (and it's definitely worth a try, especially if you have a good appetite) -- don't wear white!

        2. whoops, note to self always: read entire post before replying:

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            You are gracious but for me the note to self is to mention up front which of the locations I am at when visiting a local chainlet :-).

          2. I've been to Posh once (Broadway location). I would go back again... but not because of the quality of it's food. The food is fine, but not stellar, though I felt they had pretty good variety of ingredients (especially veggies). I think it's a good place to choose, though, for large groups because it's fun, and bill-splitting is easy.