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Apr 10, 2008 06:25 PM

Great coffee in Toronto's west end

Hi Everyone,

I'd like recommendations for a good coffee joint in the west end - downtown please: Bloor or south, Bathurst or west. No further west than Etobicoke, please!


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  1. Let me be the first of many to say Manic Coffee - College and Bathurst. Just go. It's so damned good.

    426 College St, Toronto, ON M5T1T3, CA

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      1. re: foodlovinpooch

        I should qualify that I always get something out of the Clover at Manic, and have had consistently good coffee. I can't vouch for lattes and such, which seems to be the direction this thread has gone lately. :) The one time I ordered espresso, it was excellent, but it was shortly after they opened, and the last I saw the woman who made it, she was working at Sam James.

        Also, there's a new place on Queen a block east of Ossington (only a few weeks old, I think) called Cloud. Only been once so far and it was right after they opened, but the brewed coffee was very good, and my companion said their latte was also good. They were off to a rough start with their baked goods, but they may have gotten their act together by now. Just about the friendliest staff I've ever run into, as well.

    1. Cherry Bomb on Roncesvalles just north of Queen makes fantastic coffee....eapecially espresso. v small though, so not really a sit down place.

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      1. re: DDD

        Cherry Bomb's espresso-based drinks are really hit-and-miss, depending on who's behind the machine. Sometimes great, but sometimes the espresso is poorly extracted and the milk is not properly frothed (too foamy, not real microfoam).

        Baked goods are great though.


      2. I like Manic coffee too, check it out. Also, The Common at College & Gladstone. Excellent coffee.

        1. I third Manic. Once you go few other places will measure up. And it's worth buying Intelligentsia beans for use at home.

          1. Manic Manic Manic. It's to coffee what Momofuku's is to Ramen.