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Apr 10, 2008 05:55 PM

How Late Can You Order Tasting Menus?

Specifically, we will be dining at Daniel @ 9:00 pm, Le Bernadin @ 8:30 pm and L'Atelier at 8:30 pm. We had to do later times due to other events in our schedules. Also, L'Atelier will most likely be at the counter with small plates. However, out of curiosity, has anyone been to these places and asked to do the 5, 7, 10-course tasting menus and been rejected, or told that would take 3 hours and they close in 2, etc. etc?

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  1. That's not late night dining in NYC, it's prime dining time. You'll be fine.

    1. As long as they let you sit down in the restaurants (esp. these upscale ones), then it is pretty much safe to say that you can order the tasting menus.

      1. 8:30 and 9 aren't late in NYC. most restaurants in NY have reservations as late as 10:30-11pm seatings. Plus, no good restaurant will consider denying you a tasting menu or anything else on the menu due to the time you are seated.

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          I think that's not how it works outside the US however. I had a 10 pm reservation at Richard Corrigan at Lindsay House in London last summer and they were horrified when I ordered the tasting menu (despite the fact that they handed it to me along with the a la carte menu). They informed me that no one in London does tasting menus after 8:30 pm or so.

        2. These are all correct, but I will add that when you say they "close in 2 hours", they don't actually close at that time, the hours they list are the times they take orders, not when the kitchen closes. So if the hours are listed as, say, 6:00 to 11:00, the last seating will be at 11:00 and the kitchen will close a couple of hours later. So you have no reason to worry.

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            Right - I've eaten at JG around 9 and we left after 1 am.