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Apr 10, 2008 05:34 PM

chinese cookbooks? [Moved from Food Media and News]


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  1. Anything by Grace Young and Eileen Yin-fei Lo. Their recipes are pretty authentic and like the little stories in the books.

    1. if you're interested in cooking cantonese food, the best cook book i've found which stays true to the authentic chinese cooking ingredients/style and has loads of good traditional dishes is _the joy of wokking_ by martin yan. yan's been doing his schtick on PBS for decades now (long before the advent of the food network!) and his sense of humor is great. the food is even better. good luck!

      1. Would like to focus the area of China you desire to cook from? I wish there was one cookbook which would give you insight in all of China, but I do not know of any. We own a set of nine table top books which are now out of print that cover four regions of China.

        I will agree with another poster that Martin Yan does his act, but his recipes are easy for anyone to do. But he does know how to cook more complex recipes.

        1. For clear instructions on a broad range of techniques and recipes from various regional cuisines, my favorite US-published book is still The Key to Chinese Cooking by Irene Kuo. For Sichuan and Hunan, Fuchsia Dunlop's books, discussed in depth on this board. For excellent recipes for standards and some unusual dishes, the Wei-Chuan series and Fu Pei-mei's books, both published in Taiwan.