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Chinese in OC

Hello all. We're looking for great Chinese in OC. Have been traveling to Dana Point to Peking Dragon, but we want to find something closer to Costa Mesa. Thanks!

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  1. How about Golden Dragon on Harbor. Just down from Marvac electronics store.
    I had food to go from there last Friday. Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, eggrolls and a thing called Chinese Kentucky Delight. Fried chicken with a garlic / chili sauce. Very good.

    Golden Dragon Restaurant
    2023 Harbor Blvd Ste A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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      Have had some bad experiences at Golden Dragon over the years.

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        We always liked Golden Dragon too and have been going there for years. Nice family owns it.

      2. Wei's Chinese in Huntington Beach on the corner of Warner & Magnolia - I had lunch there today for the 1st time, after reading several positive recs from Wonginator. I really enjoyed their Salt & Pepper Pork chops, nice little crispy coating and just the right amount of spiciness to get my sinuses cleared out. Friendly service too.

        1. You could try Fu Wing Low at the corner of Brookhurst and Heil (across from Mile Square Park) in Fountain Valley. Not much for atmosphere but the food is great and the people are very nice.

          Everyone I have taken there has loved the food.

          1. Try Mandarin in Fountain Valley.

            1. Hey ryfanf,

              You can also try Phoenix (on Culver, near the 5 in Irvine); Chef Chen's on Jeffrey & Walnut (Irvine); and Tri-Village on Jeffrey (just north of the 5 Freeway). All three are pretty authentic places.

              Chef Chen's Restaurant
              5408 Walnut Ave, Irvine, CA 92604

              Tri Village
              14121 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92620

              Phoenix Restaurant
              14310 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA

              1. For authentic Hong Kong style Chinese, try SW Seafood on Jeffery and Walnut in Irvine, just off I-5. They have excellent Seafood and BBQ dishes, plus a great Peking Duck...

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                  Agreed. Probably my favorite Chinese place in OC so far. Hits the spot when I need my regular dosage of chicken chow mein, beef chow fun, and shrimp won tons.

                2. May Garden on Bristol is pretty good. They don't use a lot of oil, so I prefer them to Golden Dragon.

                  Also, California Wok's food is very good as well. I believe the storefront is on Bristol too, but I always have them deliver.

                  1. Jamillah Garden (Islamic Chinese) is excellent, but service is a bit slow. They have the best homemade noodles. There's always Sam Woo's in Irvine off of Culver and Deerfield next to 99 Ranch. I second the Phoenix and SW recommendations. I've only been to Tri Village once and although it was good, it was quite pricey.

                    1. How a twist on Chinese; some fresh "Californiental" dishes at Ho Sum Bistro in Newport Beach? Everyone I take to that place is pleasantly surprised. Great quality, good price. It's not fancy, in fact, kind of cramped seating. But, most everything is good, including won ton soup. Very popular is the Ho Sum Chicken salad with ginger dressing. A half order will fill most people. And, they have dark chocolate-dipped fortune cookies and choc-dip almond cookies that are really good. The chocolate is so smooth, it melts from a hot breath.

                      Again, this is not your typical Chinese food, but flavors of same. Very casual beach atmopshere. Located very hnear the corner of Newport Blvd. and 32nd. street (across street from Albertson' market center/Carl's Jr.) Wine and beer.


                      Ooh, just noticed a dish I haven't seen there before and I want to try ! Honey glazed chicken.

                      1. If you dont mind a restaurant being noisy with horrible service but great authentic chinese food...Go to Seafood Cove on Westminster and Magnolia. They have the best Kung Pao Chicken and House Special Chicken.