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Best pizza in Seattle?

I just moved here from Anchorage, Ak and am already missing the pizza from Mooses Tooth (a local pizzeria and pub). I've been to the rock and they're pizza does not even begin to compare.Where is the best pizza here in the sea/ tac area? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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  1. It really depends on your tastes in pizza. There's the American-style pizza with everything but the kitchen sink (ala Northlake Tavern), or the more Italian type pizza, with a few selected ingredients. and then there are the deep dish v. thin crust people. For Italian type, thin crust, we're partial to Pizzeria Fondi, near University Village. They make their own mozzarella and use high quality ingredients. The crust is divine.

    1. I know some people do not consider it pizza, but I think that Serious Pie in Belltown has some of the best around.

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        ditto on Serious Pie. If you're looking for deeper-dish, try mail-ordering the sausage pizza from Lou Malnati's http://www.tastesofchicago.com/ (be sure to follow all instructions, like generous olive oil in the pan before baking)

      2. Via Tribunali does a pretty damn good Naples-style pie.

        1. Tutta Bella; Pagliacci; Acorn Eatery

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            Tutta Bella, the mothership store in Columbia City, always put a smile on my face.

          2. I like Via Tribunali the best. Tutta Bella also good. For chain/delivery pizza, Pagliachi is excellent.

            1. Count me in on Via Tribunali, amazing ingredients, great atmosphere, just really genuine.

              1. #1 New York Pizza out in Snohomish (toward the Maltby Cafe) is the closest to NY style pizza I've had around here. (The calzones are also really good)

                A little bit of a weird place, but they take their New York authenticity seriously.

                1. Romio's on Eastlake for cheesy, gooey, totally scrumptious comfort pizza.

                  1. Like others have said, Via Tribunali (both locations) is fantastic for Neopolitan-style pizza. Pagliacci's is very solid for delivery although make sure you get it well-done . Also very good is Piecora's on the edge of Madison Valley. They do NY-style pizza very well.

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                      A note here: If you're looking for a Moose's Tooth type crust, do not order it well done. I'm with yoyo11, I always order it well done, but the crust at the Moose's Tooth is soft. If you want that type of crust, don't order it well done.

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                        Agree with Tribunali for neopolitan style and atmosphere. Tutta Bella was not quite so good as Tribunali the first time (Wallingford location), but upon a more recent visit (Columbia City location) the volume they were doing was showing in careless preperation of the pies.

                        Must heartily disagree with Piecora's. I think their pizza is baseline quality and not representative of the NY style, and their service also seems lacking. For NY style, the only that approach it IMO are A New York Pizza Place at 85th and 5th and Zagi's on 80th NW in Crown Hill.

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                          I've been meaning to hit A NY Pizza Place for a while but their hours (5-9) just aren't conducive to my schedule most of the time. I will say that I wasn't too impressed with Zagi's...definitely thin-crust style but lacking in flavor on the cheese and sauce for me. To me, Piecora's is much more solid but it's different opinions that make the world go round.

                      2. I'll echo Via Trib and add in Madame K's, just for the fun, Zagi's (if he ever gets back) and Veraci's Travelling Pizza Oven (Ballard Farmer's Market, and other markets too, iirc).

                        I've been partial to the Dome at Wallingford Pizza House too. It isn't awesome, but it's good comfort and a great presentation.

                        1. I've been to Moose's Tooth and the pizza was awesome (so was the IPA!). I haven't had anything quite like it around here, but I do like Serious Pie a lot. Our favorite pizza is what we make at home (natch) but La Fiamma in Bellingham is great as well - not really your area, though.

                          1. Stellar Pizza in Georgetown is a good combo pizza/pub, plus it gives you an excuse to check out the Georgetown neighborhood. I'd suggest going on a weeknight and getting there a little before 6, just in time to pick up a few growlers of Manny's Pale Ale at the Georgetown brewery across and down the street from the pizza joint.

                            For Neapolitan pizza, I like Mio Posto.

                            1. Pagliacci's is a great, local company / pizza. Solid customer service. Great restaurants. Great pizza. Also, don't forget to try their salads.

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                                I don't get the fuss about Pagliacci's. I ordered a pizza from them once, and it was expensive, slow, and bland. Maybe it was an off night?

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                                  Try ordering it well done. I think their dough makes the pie, but if you don't order it well done...bland, yes, good word. If you order just a regular pepperoni, you can tell the cheese and pepperoni are of a much better quality than ingredients you get at the average pizza place. You pay for it too. Their seasonal pies are hit or miss (and really way too expensive), but sometimes there's a jewel there. The pear gorgonzla was excellent, but again, expensive and I mean: ARE THEY GROWING THE PEARS AND MAKING THE CHEESE THEMSELVES expensive.

                                  Someone mentioned customer service as a plus. I say it's really hit or miss. If you call for delivery, they treat you like the National Security Agency and ask, "Hello, is this John Doe ordering for delivery at 123 Main St.?, etc." It's super weird, but I guess the time they save in the ordering process is time they can put into the pie. If you make the mistake and complain, they add your number to some list that goes directly to that "voice of Pagliacci" person and she is super annoying, like a pizza ordering machine with an attitude. :D

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                                    Stacia in Ballard is good and Pizza Bank in Kirkland is pretty decent too.

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                                      I ordered some very odd-sounding pizza with "steak" someplace in the name from Stacia's at a whim one time and it was great. Today, all I see there is a "Philly Cheese Steak" pizza. I don't think that was it, but they were quite good - good crust (Pagliacci on a good day), ample toppings (not Northlake Mondo, but aplenty). and thoughtful combinations. Definitely in the running. (Of course, I'm the guy who voted for Stellar's Potato pizza, so you've been warned.)

                              2. I really like two places that haven't been mentioned so far:

                                For delivery: Zeek's pizza. I like the crust more than Pagliacci's, and I think it's a little less expensive.

                                For dine-in: Belltown Pizza on 1st Ave. Their "Fire in Belltown" is one of my faves. Yum.

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                                  Someone mentioned Zeek's in a thread some time ago, so I tried it. I was not impressed. It is less expensive and the pizzas are larger, but the ingredient quality and crust doesn't compare to Pagliacci's, IMO.

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                                    All my neighbors and I have stopped patronizing Pagliacci's. As I mentioned above, Fondi's is FAR better. No comparison

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                                      I missed that, but will certainly try it re: "They make their own mozzarella and use high quality ingredients. The crust is divine".

                                2. Just to pass along the word: Zagi's is officially closed for good. The apparently have posted a new note on the door. Too bad. It was one of the best options in Ballard, which doesn't seem to have much for pizza. I will have to try Stacia's after hearing about it in this thread. I hated Snoose Junction (expensive, few toppings, terrible crust) when I tried it about a year ago. Madame K's is my favorite in the area, although I hate that they use canned shrooms.

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                                    I keep hoping that Zagi's demise is just a false rumour, but... I wonder how much it'd be to buy the place, especially if I could get Zagi's recipe.

                                    I have to agree about Snoose. I haven't tried Zadya, since a horrible experience, Palermo is on the to-try list. I love Madame K's too, except it's almost the opposite of Zagi's. Even tho I used to, I don't see Madame K's as a take-out place. It's a place to go, sit and eat. Zagi's was a place to go, get a slice or two, and head home (or a whole pie, if its a party night).

                                    My favorite ballard pizza is, hands down, Veraci, albeit only available on Sunday's at the market.

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                                      The one time I went to Madame K's she was runing around berating the staff. Completely ruined my meal for me!!!

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                                        That would likely put me off too, except, are you sure it wasn't part of... well... how it is there? I mean, the Madame does have to have a sharp hand...

                                        I mean, yes, she might have been having an off night, or a particular bad server, but with all my experiences there, I can't help but wonder if this is akin to complaining about a rude waiter at Dick's Last Resort.

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                                      hey Ballardites...have you tried the pizza at the Acorn Eatery where 15th NW meets Holman Rd.....it's pretty darn tasty...

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                                        Was that under the new or old ownership? I see that changed management somewhere around 4/4/08. Anyone been?

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                                            restaurants that own doubledecker busses scare me =)

                                      2. What's the scoop on Zagi's? We were headed there Friday night and found the phone number disconnected? It has been our favorite take out pizza.

                                        As a result, we made it to Lunchbox Laboratory, but I hate to see the best pizza in the neighborhood gone!

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                                          zagi's est morte. The For Rent sign is now up.

                                        2. I like the crunchy crust and sparse toppings at Mio Posto. But over run with ill behaved kids early in the evening.

                                          1. One's pizza preference really depends on one's tastes. I have lived in Chicago and NYC and while I greatly enjoy both styles (I am a pizza junky and have to mix it up once and a while) what I really like are pizzas with a thin almost cracker-like crust (common in the midwest and possible to find in Chicago). I'm not talking about Neopolitan.

                                            Do any of the places previously discussed have this type of crust?

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                                              The pizza's at Palomino have that kind of crust.

                                            2. Another vote for Via Tribunali! I was blown away by their pizza. Plus, I love the atmosphere at their Capitol Hill restaurant. I like V.T. better than Tutta Bella when it comes to Napoli style pies.

                                              Zeek's is the worst pizza I've had in the city. It tasted like frozen pizza/Chuck E Cheese.