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Looking for an awesome porkchop

It's no secret to any of my friends and family that I love pork. Any kind of pork makes me smile, but I especially love porkchops. One of the best porkchops I've had was at the Little Owl in NYC, a double cut chop perfectly cooked and served on top of a bed of dandelion greens and butter beans...soooo good.

So my question is, where can I find a transcendental porkchop in SF (or surrounding areas)? I'll be in town tomorrow so any recommendations would be appreciated. =)

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    1. re: Scott M

      This is the right answer. Though Boulevard doesn't have a specialty, if they did, it would be the pork chops.

      1. re: Paul H

        Best chop I ever had was at Boulevard.

    2. Flora in Oakland (unless a menu update removed it).

      1900 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

      1. Tadich Grill 240 California St - Btwn Battery & Front St but personally, I would have their Seafood Cioppino! It is excellent.

        1. Try Perbacco, lots of porky goodness going on in there...

          1. I enjoyed Slanted Door's double cut chops.

            1. My boyfriend and I went to Frascati a few months ago, and his pork chop was so ridiculously good that I can't even remember what I had.

              1. NOPA has quite the pork chop. A couple weeks ago it was served over white beans with a salsa verde. Perfectly cooked to a medium rare it was really good.

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                    Times one hundred. It is wonderful, and the size of the meat the Flintstones transport on their foot-powered vehicle.

                1. Wood Tavern in Oakland. Delicious.

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                    Heartily second that. and Foreign Cinema's lavender brined pork chop is great too. both are big, thick, flavorful, fatty enough, juicy.

                  2. Buy the pork chop at Fatted Calf and make it at home.

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                      ill ditto the fatted calf pork chop; insane good...better than the berkshire chops ive ordered from lobels. and its a great local biz with really great people; i brined them for a few hours in apple cider and salt, grilled, and all the guests thought them among the best they ever tasted. highly recommended. and very reasonable price wise, especially if you consider restaurant food.

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                        I've never had a fatted calf pork chop that wasn''t already brined.

                    2. I'm not sure if they're awesome but New Lung Ting AKA Pork Chop House in Chinatown serves up great pork chops..not thick but super thin and crispy. Opposite end of the ecnomic scale too...cheap as hell, hole in the wall. The sides (frozen corn, etc.) are bad but the basics of rice and pork chops are something. One thing I like about pork is more expensive cuts doesn't necessarily mean better or tastier. I haven't been in a while but I remember how they taste.

                      1. i second nopa, and have always loved the chop at vivande. nice, thick cut with a perfect crust.

                        1. A little unexpected, but the pork chop at Poggio in Sausalito was out of this world, I-don't-want-to-share good when I had it a few months ago. Not sure if it was the wood-fired oven, or just the meat, but I vividly remember how good it was.

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                          1. I can highly recommend the Pork Chop at Chenery Park.

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                              I very much second the Chenery Park 'chop. I am not a pork chop fan, and I order this every time.

                            2. Frascati, hands down--quintessential neighborhood restaurant...try the Italian Bread salad too.

                              1. I had the Smoked Red Wattle Pork Chop at Cafe Rouge this past weekend.. it was a huge double cut chop, smoked then grilled over a wood fire..The chop was amazingly juicy despite the fact that it was over two inches thick...which suggest that the chop was probably brined. It was served with red rice and broccolini, asparagus, and sweet peas.

                                1. The brined double chop at Acme Chop House.

                                    1. It's not currently on the menu, but one of the best pork chops i have had was at Limon on Valencia. So yummy. Also, Zazie makes a great pork chop...red cabbage, bosc pears and a cider reduction.

                                      1. Bacar used to have an awesome pork chop, but I don't know if that is still the case since the chef change.