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Apr 10, 2008 03:39 PM

Good takeout pizza in NW Calgary

We live in Scenic Acres.. Mittalini's and Matador are good but not very consistent.. any other suggestions? Not fussy on whether it is thin or thick crust.. just good ol' pizza!

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  1. I haven't tried it myself, but my friend used to swear by the pizza from Nick's, which I believe is a thicker crust. I don't know if it might be too far for delivery or pick-up.

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      We love Nicks too, been going since I was a tiny one. Although now its a hike from the deep south and more of a treat! So to get our fix we always buy the pizza from his son, Tim, at the Millarville Farmers Market to BBQ when we go camping. The Spolumbo sausage & cranberry is my favorite.

      1. re: cdn

        My favorite NW pizza is Gus' across from the Foothills Hosp. When possible, I prefer to eat it in the restaurant hot from the oven. But when I do choose to take-out, it's still darn good in the time it takes me to go from there to Scenic Acres where I live as well.

        My latest discovery is Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (from Canmore) frozen pizza. Yeah I know, "frozen pizza"!!!!!! Are you kidding me? ...... The ingredients are very high quality (many organic) and it's available so far at Amaranth and Planet Organic in the NW. The instructions tell you to thaw it first before cooking; which we did and it wasn't in the least bit soggy. More expensive than most other frozen pizza, but worth it IMO for a quick, no-hassle meal.

        1. re: bmacdon

          Just to be clear, Gus's is on the main floor of the Foothills Medical Building, on the SW corner of the intersection. Not across the street in the Stadium(?) strip mall.
          The parking lot is pay parking but the restaurant will stamp your pass. Or if your lucky enough to find a spot, you can park on the side street.
          They do have good pizza!

          1. re: bmacdon

            Wow! Who knew? My children's dr. is there so we'll have to try it. Thanks for all the great info.. I knew you folks would know where all the good pizza was hiding!

      2. Stavros in Ranchlands has great pizza. You can even taste the hint of red wine in the sauce which we were told is made fresh daily.

        Coco Brooks actually makes really good pizza. You can buy them frozen, then you bake at home. They are par-baked, so you have to defrost before baking. I put them on a piece of parchment then on the pan and the crust is nice and crispy. I think their new thin crust pizzas are excellent. They come in personal pizza sizes so everyone in the family can have the type of pizza they want.