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Apr 10, 2008 03:33 PM

13th Birthday Delray/Boca Area/Boynton

We will be on vacation in Delray Beach during my daughter's 13th birthday. Need a place for dinner, she likes basic American pub food. In past years we have taken her to Bostons and Banana Boat in Boynton. We want to go someplace with a fun atmosphere that she will enjoy. Thanks.

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  1. Gatsby's in Boca might work....

    There's also a Bru's Room in Delray just north of Atlantic Ave.

    Boca also has Wilt Chamberlains on Glades Road.


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      1. re: pringle347

        I live near the Delray Bru's and I'll second that as a good suggestion. Especially if you are there on a weekend night, the place will be packed and being in the heart of town there's definitely a buzz. Plus you can then walk the Ave, maybe hit Starbucks or Kilwins after for coffee or dessert. I see large parties of families with teens here often. Make sure someone orders some wings, get them grilled, and optionally hot.

      2. my teens like Bru's room too. Also the 2 Georges opposite the Banana Boat in Boynton is fun though the food is similar to the Banana Boat.