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Apr 10, 2008 03:13 PM

Bar and/or Food near BK Masonic Temple?

Going to a show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple tomorrow night. Any place to eat and/or grab a drink beforehand nearby? Thanks!

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  1. I heartily recommend: Graziella's located at 232 Vanderbilt Avenue (between DeKalb and Willoughby)
    Good pizza, delish beer on tap, and not an overpriced rip-off like those Dekalb ave faux french clip joints!

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    1. re: squinchy

      The pizza was OK, a bit too thin for my taste and probably wasn't worth $12. The place was full of kids and families on a Friday night so beware.

      I just wish that Habana Outpost was open.

    2. There are lots of places in the Fort Greene area and on DeKalb specifically - depends on what you want and are willing to pay. If you are coming over from Park Slope, there are also places on Vanderbilt in Prospect Hts that are walkable.. Some of the places you might consider are Smoke Joint, ICI, Chez Oskar and Pequena. I think there is a Bedouin Tent in that area too. Do a search for Ft. Greene or DeKalb and you will find more. I dont recommend Madiba (S African) but it does have a cool ambience and music and it might be good for a drink before or after.