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Apr 10, 2008 02:53 PM

Where can I buy morels?

It's almost morel season. Any stores in Portland sell fresh morels? Any stores sell dried morels at a good price? As Oregon advertises that morels are grown locally and I thought this would be a terrific souvenir.


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  1. Looks like you're here for the NAC and staying downtown. For morels, I'd suggest you hit City Market at 735 NW 21st Ave. Jump on the #15 bus, and it will take you nearby. The #15 bus passes by the Ringside steakhouse. It's a Portland institution, but not special compared the great NY steakhouses like Sparks, Keens and Lugers. If your kid is a Manhattan Fencers Club saber fencer and you like a good steak, just stick with El Gaucho in the Benson. Best, and most entertaining, steakhouse in town.

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    1. re: AlbertaHound

      What stop do I hop off the #15 bus? It it an outdoor market I'm looking for or a store? My son fences foil at the venerable New York Fencer's Club. Have made reservations at El Gaucho.

      1. re: meinNYC

        Sorry - I was just guessing about the weapon and the club. Anyway, the two places to check out are Elephants Deli and City Market. Both near the 15 bus (make sure you go westbound). Just take it to 22nd and Burnside, and you'll be at Elephants. It's a six block to the City Market from there. From the Benson, it's about a mile, so you can walk. There is parking at both so if you have a car it would be pretty quick. Both places have a lot of local specialized food. Elephants has a nice selection of Salumi meats, made by Mario Battali's father's co. up in Seattle.

    2. Checked with my schroom forager today, they have been looking but no morels yet. They thought perhaps they will get some next week with the warmer weather hitting us, we will see!!!

      1. Hey meinNYC,

        No morels yet. We checked with our mushroom purveyor, and some false morels were available from a couple of his vendors. But, with this little warm spell this weekend, maybe it will bring the real thing to the surface soon!!


        1. There are morels being found in the Portland area now--along the Columbia--according to my sources:) I have seen fresh ones in the stores for $50 a pound--probably up here from down south..

          1. It's actually far too early for fresh 2008 morel mushrooms. I live in WA/OR mushroom region and snowpack is high, snow is low. The best buy for the money right now is the reputable buyer on ebay has them freeze dried from the OR Blue Mtns. His ebay handle is Marvin8500. Maybe June this year with all the snow.
            Happy Dining!

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            1. re: skmaoz

              There is no snow along the Columbia. Real morels are being found. I am not talking about Verpa bohemica but Morchella.