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Apr 10, 2008 02:49 PM

Hottest horseradish

I'm determined to track down the hottest horseradish in Manhattan for Passover. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just curious, but do you mean prepared horseradish? Because fresh is always the hottest in my experience.

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    1. re: KateMW

      Yes, fresh. Russ & Daughters has promised me some really hot, fresh grated horseradish next week. Just wondering if anyone has other recommendations.

      1. re: Blumie

        the pickle guys on essex have fresh horseradish as well.

      2. re: KateMW

        Gus pickles that used to be on Essex street has moved to 85 Orchard street and they make the best horseradish fresh every day near a holiday. They grind it as you watch and offer it with and without beet juice. By far the best horseradish and the best full sours in the city. Call them first to make sure 212-334-3616

      3. The problem is that any hotness begins to fade as soon as the horseradish is exposed to the air, meaning once you grate your fresh horseradish or open the jar. So the trick is not to plate it or grate it until the last minute. There's fresh horseradish at the Union Square greenmarket on Saturdays (can't think of the name of the farm, but they're a pretty big stand, normally on the west side of Union Square, but I'm not sure where they are with the construction), and you could peel that and grind it in your food processor just before serving, maybe with a little apple cider vinegar. But I'm sure the Russ & Daughters stuff is just as good, especially if they're making it fresh.

        1. closed on saturdays so beware

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          1. re: jb44

            Are all of the places mentioned closed on Saturdays? Or just some? Thanks!

            1. re: MMRuth

              forgot to mention, Guss is always closed on Saturdays, but opens @10:00a.m. all other days and closes around dusk