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Apr 10, 2008 02:02 PM

Replacement for Phil Smidt's Perch?

I'm coming to the area to visit my Mom soon, and she's in withdrawal from her fondness for Phil Smidt's lake perch, having been a happy customer of theirs for several decades. Has anybody found a worthy substitute in the south 'burbs or NW IN? Mom will be very happy if you can suggest one, and if Mom's happy, the Warthog is happy!

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  1. Warthog:

    Try Teibel's restaurant on the corner of US 30 and US 41 in Schererville. They have been serving perch dinners for many years.


    1. Teibel's is the place to go if you want to duplicate the atmosphere (and prices) of Phil Smidt's. The perch is of equal quality as well.

      For less money but equal quality, you can go to Town Club, on 45th just east of Kennedy in Highland. Another interesting choice for great lake perch is the Friday night fish fry at the Lansing Knights of Columbus.

      1. I've had Teibel's before, and it was good....but I think the Schereville Lounge is a LOT better than Teibel's and Schmidt's.

        Schererville Lounge
        48 E Joliet St
        Schererville, IN 46375
        (219) 322-5660

        1. They are supposed to be opening another Phil Smidts somewhere in the future. Tiebels has always been my choice. They have a neat little coffee shop on the west side of the building if you are just going for lunch.

          Going a little further south on route 41 maybe 3 miles on the west side of the street is a restaurant called Dicks. Been there a long time and they have a wonderful Sauteed Perch.

          Good Luck

          1. Rumors are old owners of Smidt's are looking at a location near the Cabela's complex.
            Place was mobbed last few nights. Like people... no one sees you when you are sick, but everyone shows up when you're dead

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              What is the Cabela's complex and where is it?