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Jul 2, 2002 09:02 PM

need lunch suggestions close to courthouse

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downtown l.a. (spring & temple). must be able to walk there & get food to go. suggestions much appreciated as a bunch of places closed down and now it seems there's only the mall across the street!

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  1. senor fish (1st and central) has great fish tacos. it's a bit of a walk but well worth it.

    i'm not a big fan of ramen but kouraku (2nd by san pedro) has pretty good ramen and other japanese dishes.

    1. The Curry House in the New Otani Mall (officially called Weller Court) is great. Mandarin Deli in Little Tokyo is likewise fine. You can walk to the outdoor cafes at the Taper/Ahmanson (there are two, one a Patina offshoot) and eat outdoors by the fountain. Monkee on New Spring above Cesar Chavez has good Chinese lunch specials. Mr. Ramen in Little Tokyo is my favorite -- try the Shrimp Curry Ramen.

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        Just had Mr. Ramen (1st St. in Little Tokyo) last week - good stuff! I had the vegetarian ramen, cold noodles with green onions and tofu in a mildly spicy, tangy and somewhat peanut-y sauce. My dining companion had the special hot ramen with egg soup. Both were really good, certainly worthy of return visits to suss out more of the menu! Helpful sevice, a cool cross section of downtown LA: Japanese businessmen, a gaggle of students, two construction workers and other odds n ends. Oh, and HUGE portions. Lunch specials are all about $6.

      2. You have to walk a few blocks to get anything good, but if you do walk a few blocks then you have plenty of options.

        Grand Central Market, which is Broadway at maybe Third, has lots of Mexican stands. It's also just a very interesting place. I recommend the burritos as Tacos a Tomas, next to the tortilleria along one of the walls.

        Little Tokyo is full of good places. Just look for large numbers of Japanese business people eating bowls of noodles and you'll do great.

        You can also walk to Chinatown. It's not the most pleasant walk in the world, over the freeway, and then you've got a bit of a hill coming back, but I find that Chinatown is the most refreshing contrast to the courthouse vibe.

        1. I agree with the suggestions for you to walk to Little Tokyo. It is an easy walk and there are a lot of choices. One place I like for lunch is Oomasa.


          1. You absolutely must try O.K. Seafood, in Chinatown, underneath Ocean Seafood.

            They have incredible lunch bargains at $3.95 and slightly higher, which include an excellent hot and sour soup and all the jasmine rice you can eat.

            They have a dish called scrambled egg shrimp that is terrific. Light and fluffy egg with wonderfully fresh, sweet tasting shrimp folded in. I'm starting to salivate at the thought.

            Check it out!