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Apr 10, 2008 01:53 PM

The Greedy Pig (Vancouver, Wine/Sandwich Bar, Pictures)

I met a friend today for lunch at the Greedy Pig in Gastown (Cordova St). The Greedy Pig is a great little lunch spot that serves high-end sandwiches. They also have a decent wine list. In the evening, this place turns into a full blown wine bar. It is frequented by employees of the nearby Vancouver video game company Electronic Arts (they represented nearly 100% of the clientele today).

Sandwiches go for about $11 with wine by the glass starting at $6.
Today, I had the killer Roast Beef (from Oyama on Granville Island), Foie Gras, and Mushroom sandwich ($11) and a Peter Lehman Shiraz ($8 glass). My friend had their Ratatouille Sandwich ($11) which happens to be their only vegetarian option. The sandwiches are small, but very tasty.

An overall thumbs up from me.

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  1. The food...

    And after lunch...I head to Mink (see the other post)

    1. My husband and I stopped in at the Greedy Pig on our most recient trip to Van. We shared the cheese and meat plate. A choice of 2 cheeses and 3 meats. The look of the blackboard leads me to believe that the choices change regularly. Our selections were very good, served with bread, sliced apple and a pear compote. Hubby had a few beers, and indulged on a "roughrider," I enjoyed a ginger beer which was nice to see on a menu. The service was friendly and knowledgable, prices reasonable. It was the perfect place to stop, rest our feet and have midafternoon snack as we toured through GT.

      1. I had the Roast Beef Sandwich too when I went. The description was amazing and I could not wait to sink my teeth into it. However, it was just "pretty good" to me. Actually even "really good", but because I love the ingredients so much (trufflle fois gras....hellooo?) I expected to be totally blown out of the water by final product.

        Also, when I went there ( about a month or two ago) there were absolutely no people there except for me and my dining companion which made it a little awkward (perhaps it is better known now and thus more busy?)

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        1. re: jewels_vancouver

          I've never seen it full for lunch. I've seen it full at night, though.

        2. You are not Mark Laba, are you?

          You had the same thing as him (, and same conclusion too. Tasty but small.

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          1. re: kwailan4

            >>You are not Mark Laba, are you?

            Nope! He gets paid to eat. ;)

            1. re: fmed

              Don't we all wish we are paid to eat ;).

              1. re: kwailan4

                The "Greedy Pig" gets a small write up in today's [Saturday] Globe & Mail including a reference to the "Roughrider" cocktail mentioned by Cdn above...I guess the owners hail from...not surprisingly..Saskatchewan.

                1. re: Bob Mac

                  Hmmm, didn't the Globe lady writer (Gill?) did a not-so-good write-up not too long ago. I suppose if you engage a good publicist, you get mentioned more frequently.

          2. Stopped by here today for lunch. Had the Duck Confit sandwich ($10) and the Roughrider cocktail ($8). Service was laid back and friendly. Cocktail was awesome to help me cool off from wandering the city today. The sandwich was fantastic. Lots of tasty, tasty duck. A layer of sour cherries that added a great contrast. The bread was intriguing. It reminded me of the Chinese doughnuts I get at the Congee Noodle House, but it wasn't fried of course. Lots of flavor and quite light. The salad garnish was well done as were the few crackers (chips? crackers? some odd hybrid?).

            The place was quite busy for Friday lunch. I'll definitely be back.