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Apr 10, 2008 01:43 PM

03/08 The House: Stars Shine on Asian Fusion Comfort Food

It was the last dinner of our 25 day annual Cal. foodie vaca. The night before, we had enjoyed some rich and luscious foods at Martini House in St. Helena, and I just needed some cleansing Asian. So we headed off to The House. At 7:30 on a Tues. night, it was packed and we were the last table seated. It’s a tiny place with a sleek blond interior that did not leave much of an impression on me. Too bad; they should give it some spunky personality to match their food.Chair comfort was passable.Our French/Asian waitress was harried and short, to say the least, though she apologized later for that. Noise level was not bad.

We enjoyed all of our dishes and were amazed and pleased with the generous portions and very reasonable pricing.

Highlights were:

The Special: Sablefish (Black Cod) in a (ubiquitous but delicious)Miso marinade
We always order that treatment of Black Cod if it’s on a menu as we almost never see sablefish in New England.

Roasted Unagi (eel) w/ Avocado sushi rice - Another form of Japanese unagi over rice
but SUCH a deal for $10 !!

Deep fried Salmon Roll w/ Hot Mustard/Soy sauce ( Roy’s does something almost identical in flavor to this sauce)

Wasabi Udon Noodles w/ Tuna great chewy noodles and abundant rare seared tuna
w/ tangy sauce.

So we didn’t have anything really inventive(that isn’t the owners’ goal anyway)
but flavors were clean, bright, refreshing and thoroughly rewarding. Portions very generous, presentation was very attracative, and pricing was low. Asian fusion comfort food. Hmmmm gooood. Pleeeze come to Boston; we need you!!

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  1. Thanks for the reports. Did you have a reservation?

    1. Thanks for the report! I love the sea bass there. I've never had black cod. How is it different (taste?) than regular cod?

      1. -yes, we had a reservation.

        - regular cod is nothing like black cod/sablefish. the latter is very oily/rich flavored. also wonderful smoked. it's a Pacific North West cold water fish- british columbia, alaska etc.

        1. link

          The House
          1230 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133