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Apr 10, 2008 01:03 PM

I finally went to Ten Tables...

...after wanting to go for quite some time. The food was quite good. It was a Wednesday prix fixe night, which was also great. I made reservations a week or so in advance. I arrived, went inside, and just stood there, trying to keep out of the way. I just wanted to let them know that I was there, and I'd wait outside while waiting for my table. There was no "hello", just about 5 minutes of staff walking past me, saying absolutely nothing to me, not even eye contact. I was worried. Finally after what seemed like a long time to me, I was approached by the owner. I said I was so-and-so with reservations at such-and-such a time(I was 10 minutes early). She said that I was early, the table wasn't ready yet, and to wait outside.
It was a lovely night. I waited outside until she called us in. We were seated, then a few minutes later they ask us to move so that they could accomodate a larger group. Fine, no problem. I didn't have any attitude - all was fine.

We sat down, ordered food, wine. The food was good. Quite tasty actually. My problem is that we continued to be ignored. It was such strange service. There was only one or two tables that seemed to be getting any amount of attention. I was never asked if I wanted more wine, nor if I wanted coffee with dessert. I mean there were only about 8 tables that night. It just seemed strange to be slighted with only a few tables existing.
Everyone on this board seems to love it here, so I was quite disappointed about the service part of the meal. The meal itself was delicious, but I will not be rushing back. Perhaps this was an off night?

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  1. I've been generally pleased with the service at Ten Tables, even though it's often just one server for the whole room on many nights. When that is going on, I think you have to be fairly demonstrative when you need attention. It's a mostly pretty impressive balancing act their servers pull off.

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      2 servers that about 4 tables each.

    2. Glad you liked it. We like it a lot. Not a very hidden gem, but a gem none the less.

      1. I'm so sorry you had a poor experience - you have my sympathy. I've been twice and really loved it, and had no problems with the service. But I can totally understand how this would turn you off, even though the food was good - BFP and I had a disastrous meal at another restaurant beloved by many others on this board, and even though I'd kind of like to give them another try, I don't think that's going to happen. Like yours, our meal started off on the wrong note when we had to wait a long while in a nearly empty restaurant before anyone would even greet and seat us. (It went downhill from there, and unlike you, we had a bad meal as well as bad service!)

        I think it must indeed have been an off night, and I hope that someday you'll try Ten Tables again. They really are better than that.

        1. I had similar issues with the service, also on a Wednesday night. We had to wait 30 minutes past our reservation time, without a single word of apology - and it was raining. I also felt somewhat ignored throughout the evening. Whatever.

          I had been once before on a different night - that had been better, but was also low touch. So I'd say they're going for relatively unobtrusive service, and usually succeed, but fail to turn it up a bit when it would be appropriate.

          1. probably was an off night. we've been there about half a dozen times or more, mostly for the weds night, and haven't had any problems with the service. they do get really hectic in there, like slim says. give 'em another shot; i think their wed prix fixe is one of, if not the, best deal in the city.