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Apr 10, 2008 12:57 PM

East Coast Chinese food in California

Does anyone know where you can get Chinese food in California that is similar to that of the Boston area??

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      1. re: Ernie

        POW! And quite correct, I might add.

        Womp, you might try searching this board as there have been NUMEROUS discussions on where East Coasters can go to satisfy their Chinese-food cravings...

        1. re: Joe Blowe

          Most of those focus on "NY" style. I'm not sure if there's a marked difference between the two.

          1. re: Jack Flash


            'East Coast' posts are in there, you just got to wade through the list...

            (And I agree with you.)

        2. re: Ernie

          Panda Express is a california institution, out of Rosemead. I would second Yang Chow.

        3. I'm not sure what "Boston" Chinese food is, but Genghis Cohen on Fairfax (just north of Melrsoe) reminds me of NY Chinese food.

          1. I grew up in Malden, MA, so I've got an idea of what you're getting at. I always visit Kowloon and a couple of other places when I visit Boston these days. So there's our touchstone.

            Try Chi Dynasty in Los Feliz. They just reopened in a new location, and I'm glad to have them as my neighbor.

            --Jake Tringali
            Casey's Irish Bar and Grill

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            1. re: gtring

              Hi Jake,
              Thank you for your response. No one ever understands when I say Chinese food like they have in Boston area, it's one of a kind. I will try the Chi Dynasty. I go to a place in Canton called Golden China when I get back there, they have great food. I don't get out to the North Shore to often, but when I do, I'll have to try Kowloon.

            2. If you're in the Valley (San Fernando, not SG), go to China Lites on Laurel at Chandler. really good, NOT SWEET kung pao.

              1. I was going to suggest a Tianjin, qingdao and shanghai group of places, and then...

                realized i misread the post.

                good luck and please post what you find if it's close to what you're looking for.

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                1. re: Jerome

                  Well don't tease us, Jerome... go ahead and list your set of east coast places :)

                  Hey, do you know if there is any way to get FRESH (non-bottled) Tsingtao pijiao here, similar to the way they serve it at every mom & pop restaurant in the city of Qingdao? During our 2 months in China, we spent 3 days in Qingdao drinking the incredibly delicious, flavorful beer all the time... when we moved on to Qufu, the only Tsingtao pijiao available was in bottles, and by comparison it tasted as if it had been diluted down into Budweiser. I've never quite gotten over that shock.

                  Mr Taster

                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    I've never seen barrels of qingdao imported. would be interesting but then I don't go to any of the bars or beer-dispensing cafes that cater primarily to Chinese here.