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Apr 10, 2008 12:49 PM

We must get into Per Se

Ok, after a week in Napa/Sonoma last summer during which French Laundry was closed the WHOLE time, getting into Per Se is my #1 focus for our trip in August.

Anyway, would anybody like to give me the 411 on getting a great reservation there? We'll be in town from August 3rd-13th. We have a dinner to go to on Saturday night, but other than that we're open. I would rather do dinner, but if worse comes to worse I'll do lunch. Any hints on getting a reservation and/ or what day would be the best day to try for (do they have less busy days? Probably not). Also, can anybody give me an idea of the length of dinner? We don't have time constraints, but I'm curious. Last, what's a ballpark for dinner for two? We're not under any sort of budget for this dinner, but again...I'm curious.

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  1. Call at 10am one month before the first day you're available for dinner (so July 3, I guess), and see what you get. I had no trouble getting a reservation for a Saturday night this way, and this was a couple of years ago, shortly after they opened. We got a 5:30 res and were at the table until at least 7:30, maybe more like 8-8:15. I believe the prix-fixe is now $175pp?

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        For some reason I don't think paying for a reservation is good karma, but if all else fails...I'm there. Thanks!

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          LeahBaila, have you actually gotten a reservation for Per Se that way? Because I think I remember the last time you made this suggestion, it was pointed out that this pay-for-reservations site you like to recommend doesn't actually ever have any availability for Per Se.

          1. Per their web site:

            Call two months in advance to the calendar date at 10am.

            If you can, get two other people to come with you, as 4-tops seem easier to grab than 2-tops.

            Per Se puts on OT a few tables but not all their inventory.

            Tips on using Open Table:

            Chowhound discussion on difficulty of getting a reservation:

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              Oops, I thought it was one month - thanks to kathryn for extra accuracy!

            2. I made a reservation a few weeks back for my trip at the end of May, Was trying for a Sunday lunch time, and when they say call at 10 am they mean it I called at 10:02 got the busy signal 5 times then was on hold for about 15 min before snagging one of the last 2 reservations they had left. So call very promptly at 10:00 2 months out