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Apr 10, 2008 12:28 PM

Sushi Party Calgary

It's my mom's birthday next week and we'd really like to take her somewhere. Sushi is one of her favourites but I am not too familiar with the sushi scene in Calgary. I am looking for a restaurant that will gives us some privacy to celebrate and that has good sushi and a good atmosphere. Price isn't an issue and niether is location. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciative!

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  1. Hi ella,

    This thread about Sushi in the YYC (airport code for Calgary) should have the info you're looking for:


    1. For privacy, you really want to book a tatami room. IMO, being in a private room should rule out atmosphere shouldnt it? They all pretty much look the same on the inside! :)

      Anyway, out of that thread, i know many/most of the recommended sushi places don't have private rooms. I'd suggest giving Zipang a call (i seem to recall a couple at the back, but im not sure), or Sushi Hiro. Im pretty certain Wa's and Blowfish do not have them. They all have decent sushi.

      1. Zipang - can't recall 100% if they had tatami rooms in the back, if they did it was maybe one or two tops.

        Sushi Hiro - used them in the past for business meetings which required privacy. this goes back about eight years ago but reckon the space hasn't changed. they had a couple of rooms then.

        Wa's - i think were more booths with slightly higher partitions but not an enclosed space like a tatami room. but my memory is weak here too. good thing i'm visiting YYC next week. :)

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          The booths at Wa's do have higher partitions. Definitely more of a privacy booth - but i guess it depends on the numbers e23 needs to seat. Those booths won't seat more than 6.

        2. You didn't say what area and how many you were but for tatami rooms and good sushi Hana on 4th SW has smallish ones and Misai on 32nd in the NE has larger ones. Globefish on 14th has booths with walls for up to 6p.