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Apr 10, 2008 11:46 AM

Casual, Mid-Priced in Sonoma/Santa Rosa

Looking for spots to recommend to my wedding guests. Most of the usual suspects (La Haye, GD, Harvest Moon, LaSalette) are a bit on the spendy side. Looking for something good with dinner entrees in the $15 range. Rosso is on my list.

Also looking for casual, lunch spots. Citti and Olive & Vine are on the list.

Oh, and sense this is not for me, you can ignore my standard "organic food or death" requirement :)


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  1. another lunch spot - seating on the back patio
    Sunflower Cafe
    4211st St W
    Sonoma, CA 95476
    (707) 996-6645

    1. Big fan of Rin's Thai food, in Sonoma, right off the square/plaza. Tasty, affordable (I think the dinner entrees would fit the $15 range easily, and for lunch as well).

      In Santa Rosa, Lo Coco's Cucina Rustica, in old railroad square is good for yummy, affordable Italian for lunch or dinner. Cafe Japan, in Santa Rosa, has excellent bento box lunches that run from $9 - $15, and great hot pot/udon noodle dishes...nice sized portions as well, not to mention excellent sushi. (: Oh, and Dierk's Parkside Cafe serves lunch every day (including weekends) til 2:30pm. Don't let the "hole in the wall" location fool's great food...focus on local ingredients, etc. I've only had their breakfast options so far, but I've been very pleased with it.

      Oh, and there is a thai place on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, off of Hwy 12, on the way from Sonoma into Santa Rosa, that I haven't tried yet, but I know that Eat Nopal really liked it...let me find it...Here it is, Mekong Thai,

      Chloe's French Cafe is also excellent for the weekday...breakfast, lunch or dinner (They are open til evening on Fridays).

      Oh, and if you/your guests are feeling adventurous, Abysinnia for Ethiopian/Eritrean is located in downtown Santa Rosa on 4th Street.

      Lococo's Cucina Rustica
      117 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

      Thai Mekong Restaurant
      52 Mission Cir Ste 111, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

      Cafe Japan
      98 Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

      Dierk's Parkside Cafe
      404 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

      Chloe's French Cafe
      3883 Airway Drive 145, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

      913 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

      Rin's Thai of Sonoma
      139 E Napa St, Sonoma, CA 95476

      1. Little north of Santa Rosa but Mirepoix in Windsor is superb, and very reasonable. Most entrees are between $15-25. Frankly you will not find many decent eats for $15 at dinner...a few for lunch.

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          1. Another family friendly dinner place in Sonoma is Breakaway Cafe (in the Lucky's shopping center on hwy 12 north of town). Looks like a Denny's, but is actually local and decent. Can easily get a dinner for $15, also has full bar for out of townies who don't like wine! Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, coffee shop type food.

            For a very casual, taqueria-style dinner in Sonoma (or Boyes, I'm not sure where the division is), try Tacos El Cactus. It is off highway 12, behind a little Mexican market called La Morenita. Address is 40 Calle del Monte. My husband (a big eater) and I can eat there for about $24 total. They have a nice little patio, and you are right in the middle of little Mexico. Nice folks, will do whatever you like even if it's not on the menu. Not professional, but very friendly and clean.

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              Along that vein.... Antojitos La Texanita would be a far superior option... and they could probably get a special menu for a large enough group.