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Apr 10, 2008 11:43 AM

Does anyone know Malaysian Market in LA ?

My girl friend just came from Malaysia , she really miss her hometown food and also
wants to cook Malaysian food for me. Does anyone know is there any Malaysian Market
in Los Angeles area or Orange County , or any Oriental market that may carry Malaysia
flavor , can food , Perisa Kari , or any desert........ Please advise......Thank you.

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  1. You can buy staple ingredients like mee hoon, laksa leaf (which is called rau ram in Vietnamese), belacan, sambal oelek and things like that at any 99 Ranch. You might do a little bit better at a Thai market like Bangkok Market or Bangluck Market, a Vietnamese market like Vien Dong in Little Saigon, or go out to San Gabriel to Hawaii Supermarket where you'll find what you like.

    1. There are Southeast Asian markets scattered around the SoCal area. You'd get better advice if you told what part of town you are in, so you could do less traveling.

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      1. re: Akitist

        Thanks , I'm in Rosemead area but I don't mind to travel , frome LA to Orange county ...... please help ! thanks for your kind.

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          If you're in Rosemead try Hawaii Supermarket first, on Del Mar and Valley.

      2. I don't know a Malaysian market but in west LA there is an Indonesian market, Simpang Asia, (310)815-9075, 10433 National Blvd #2, Los Angeles, CA 90034. And check this thread for other Indonesian suggestions, and note in particular the posts from elmomonster and others about the Indonesian food court and other places in toward the east end of LA County (W Covina, Duarte, etc.) :

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          I second Simpang for groceries. The food though has gone downhill since early this year.

          Also for Pandan Leaves, check out Shun Fai Market in SGV.