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Apr 10, 2008 11:41 AM

Lunch Near the Aquarium??

Can anyone recommend a casual place for lunch near the aquarium?

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  1. What kind of food do you like? How casual is "casual"?

    Sel de la Terre is right there, and excellent.

    Quincy Market is basically across the street and has dozens of places (most bad, but a few good choices).

    The North End is a five minute walk away.

    1. I haven't been to the New England Aquarium in years. The last time I went to lunch at the Boston Sail Loft Restaurant on Atlantic Ave. The food was pretty good back then. Has anyone been to the Boston Sail Loft Restaurant recently? If so, how is their food?

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      1. re: buffet king

        Was there about a year ago. Same food - seafood platters with good chowder and oreos at the bar.

        Legal is also across from the Aquarium. If you are looking for strictly cafe dining, Rudy's is a few blocks away (going towards South Station).

        1. re: kate used to be 50

          I work about half a block from The Sail Loft. For lunch, their daily fish sandwich isn't half bad. (But I guess that means it isn't half good, either).

          Although it isn't open for lunch, I find The 4 Winds to be vastly superior for pub grub. Actually had a very, very good calamari fra diavlo for dinner there the other day. Pretty good burgers too.

          But stay away from the panini. Ghastly.

          1. re: kate used to be 50

            I happen to like the Sail Loft. I stick to the chowder; which I find too thick and ask them to add clam broth or give me an ice cube..and the fried clams/fish/scallops are good.

            Don't get too ambitious with the menu and you'll enjoy it.

        2. Sel de la Terre is excellent and, though not casual-casual, you tend to see a lot of folks in jeans / tourist garb due to the proxiity to the aquarium. the steak frites is excellent, as is the charcuterie plate. for casual in the north end, i think it's hard to beat galleria umberto (5 minute walk). it's on hanover st.

            1. Numerous places in the North End like Galleria Umberto