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Apr 10, 2008 11:14 AM

Best dark chocolate ice cream?

What's your favorite dark chocolate ice cream? I'm looking for something intensely chocolate and creamy -- my favorite was Godiva's Belgian Dark Chocolate, but that's no longer available. Any exceptional examples out there?

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  1. I think it's Ben & Jerry's who make a Dark Chocolate ice cream swirled with a lighter ice cream made with Guiness Stout (yeah, beer!). It is awesome! You won't believe the flavor.

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      Capogiro's Chiccloato Scuro (bitter chocolate) though that technically a gelato. It incredible like a pint of the inners of dark chocolate truffles and so thick that you can litterally allow the whole pint to melt to liquid re-freeze it and it won't go grainy. Its fairly expensive (9.99 a pint is the price I usally see) but on the ligther side you porably wont want to eat a lot at any given sitting, so one pint lasts a long time. Alos it smears like fudge sauce so rising an empty out for the recycing bin will take a little elbow grease.

    2. Herrell's Chocolate Pudding. It's only medium dark, but incredibly rich and unctuously creamy.

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        Herrell's Chocolate Pudding is fabulous. Toscanini's Cocoa Pudding is really dark and rich, too, but not as creamy as Herrell's. They are my two favorites.

        1. Green and Black's is AWESOME!

          1. I believe you asked this on the Manhattan board to which I answered L'arte del Gelato. But on a nationwide level, I think Ciao Bella's chocolate gelato is pretty dark, much more intense than Godiva's Belgian Chocolate.